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Top 5 Second Year NHL Players with the Most to Prove

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Everyone has heard that statement. It holds true in everyday circumstances, and it holds true for athletes, in this case young NHL

Top 6 Most Influential Announcers in NHL History

They usually come to us as little more than disembodied voices, giving us powerful descriptions of the game as it happens far below their perch. We count on them to inform us

Top 9 Ranking the Most Unique Shooting Styles in the NBA

You hear two very important words every time the draft roles around—shooting mechanics. Prospects are judged in essentially every way, and shooting mechanics are as important of a gauge as any. But

Top 10 NHL Players Most Affected by the Work Stoppage

The NHL lockout became official on Sept. 15th, leaving a lot of things in question for some players. Throughout the league, teams scrambled in the last week to work out contract extensions,

Top 6 NHL Teams Helped Most by the Lockout

The NHL lockout is only in its early stages, but with Gary Bettman carrying the baton for the NHL owners, it threatens to be a long and painful one. He has a

Top 5 MLB Rookies with the Most to Gain in Season’s Final Weeks

With nearly two weeks left in the 2012 MLB regular season, every organization continues to evaluate their call-ups as a means of offering experience and determining a player’s role for next year.

Top 10 Most Passionate Fanbases in the NBA

A raucously supportive fanbase can be a priceless asset to many NBA teams. The home crowd can be the determining factor in many a close contest, providing the home team the extra

Top 10 Most and Fun Effective Basketball Team

Part of the reason that basketball has become such a popular sport in the world is the access to players that far eclipses that of other sports. In the NBA you’ve got

Top 10 Most Deadly Snipers in the NBA

Kevin Durant had the single greatest Olympics, from a statistical standpoint, of any man in the history of the men’s basketball tournament. He scored the most points, hit the most three-pointers and

Top 10 Ranking the Most Important Week 3 Games for Fantasy Football

In Week 2, fantasy players saw a rookie once again dominate, a Super Bowl MVP lead his team—and fantasy owners, I’m sure—to a late victory and a pair of AFC East running