The Best Free Kick Specialist at Present


There are many talented free kick specialists who have mastered the skill. The list includes some of the greatest footballers of all time and some less popular names. The rare skill often proves to be the deciding factor in great matches. Whenever, these players score a free kick goal, the fans are left delighted and singing glory songs. Many footballers of the present have great ability from free kicks, but, its the consistency which makes a free kick taker a specialist.

A well taken free kick and the football gliding beyond all the obstacles into the back of the net is one of the most beautiful sights in the beautiful game.

Cristiano Ronaldo – One of the greatest free kick specialists of all time. He is the master of a truly brilliant and unique technique of taking a free kick. He has done everything with his free kicks – curling, dipping, finding the crossbar, powerful shot. He became extremely popular for his consistency with the free kicks. He scored many great goals with Manchester United, Real Madrid and Portugal. His famous stance has become a symbol for ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’. But, he has lost his dangerous consistency recently, and this is bad news.

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