The Worst Olympic Uniforms Ever


This is a detail from the Worst Olympic Uniforms Ever. Be proud, America. They are exactly what the Olympic athletes is going to be putting on working in london for that Summer time Games.

Just in case you did not spot the with taste subtle logo design around the front, they are produced by Rob Lauren. Technically, though, these were produced in China. In addition American than large corporate logos and outsourcing jobs to China? Worrying about this.

On the other hand, when we did not send a lot try to China, then wouldso would china have the ability to manage to lend us a lot money?

Many more wrote and ranted concerning the uniforms being produced in China, about how exactly much bigger the Rob Lauren logo design is compared to American flag, about how exactly this can be a very French searching ensemble, using the beret and everything. Rob Lauren even changed red-colored, whitened, and blue into blue, whitened, and red-colored around the beret. That is France’s flag.

And such as the Rob Lauren logo design, the French flag around the beret can also be larger than the American flag.

All nationalistic sentiment aside, I simply think they appear like shit. They are beyond pompous and preppy. I believe the lacrosse captain at Princeton, the p facto King of Preps, would feel conspicuous within this outfit.

I recall the united states team accustomed to put on things like cowboy hats and Western t shirts. That which was wrong with this?

Better still, what about a whitened, Colonel Sanders style southern gentleman suit?

Because the Olympic games have been in Britain, and we are 2- from the British, maybe we ought to rub it in. What about a blue Continental Military jacket along with a tri-corner hat? Each athlete transporting a six pack of Mike Adams.

Or possibly the US Olympians could go into the Opening Ceremony riding a float designed to resemble the U.S.S. Metabolic rate. It’s, in the end, the 100th anniversary from the War of 1812.

On the other hand, the tri-corner hat may be too Tea Party for many people. And based on celebs like Janeane Garafalo and James Earl Johnson, the Tea Party is racist. And also, since celebs understand what they are speaking about, they ought to be correct.

A mans sports athletes could dress such as the bros on Jersey Shore, slicking their head of hair up, spray-on tan, shirtless, having a vacant look to them, their lips pursed, as well as their face cocked within the “what’s going onInch position. And also the women could dress like skanks.

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