Top 10 2012 NFL Defensive Tackle Draft Review


1 Dontari Poe, Memphis&mdashKansas City Chiefs

Week 1 Results: 2 takes up

Summary: There’s no denying Poe’s potential. The 6’5″, 350-pounder is definitely an incredible athlete having the ability to dominate a game title.

However, Poe is not beginning for Kansas City. He’s seeing the area like a backup, because he is clearly still raw and requires time for you to develop. Over time, Poe happens to be an absolute animal, though.

2 Fletcher Cox, Mississippi State&mdashPhiladelphia Eagles

Week 1 Results: 2 takes up 1. sacks

Summary: An explosive, versatile player, Cox permeates the backfield effortlessly. He earned an impact on Cleveland’s offense, and he’ll continue doing so throughout every season.

Cox is really a large area of the reason why Trent Richardson battled to complete much else from the Eagles. The Mississippi State method is a playmaker, but he’s stout from the run too. The possibility here’s huge.

3 Michael Brockers, LSU&mdashSt. Louis Rams

Week 1 Results: Brockers was inactive Week 1.

Summary: Brockers is really a effective run-stopper who struggles like a pass-rusher. Over time, this will change, but Brockers is rather one-dimensional right now.

That’s not saying Brockers is really a bad player, though. He’s proficient at preventing the run, and when he turns into a good pass-rusher, he or she is a dominant pressure.

4 Devon Still, Penn State&mdashCincinnati Bengals

Week 1 Results: 2 takes up

Summary: Still will not be beginning in the near future, but he’ll spell Geno Atkins once the star defensive tackle needs a relaxation. Over time, Still has some pretty insane upside, though he might not achieve it for some time, if whatsoever.

For the moment, Still can come from the bench, and also the Bengals defense can survive when he’s playing. You will find worse items to receive from a rookie.

5 Mike Martin, Michigan&mdashTennessee Leaders

Week 1 Results: 3 takes up

Summary: Right now, Martin is simply a backup, but he still handled to accrue three takes up in the NFL debut. Search for Martin’s playing time for you to increase throughout every season as well as for him to create an effect. He’s already impressing individuals in Tennessee.

6 John Hughes, Cincinnati&mdashCleveland Browns

Week 1 Results: Hughes recorded no stats Week 1.

Summary: Hughes has witnessed action at defensive tackle for that Browns, mainly like a run-stopper. In the limited play, Hughes did not perform poorly, but he did not really stick out either.

7 Akiem Hicks, Regina&mdashNew Orleans Saints

Week 1 Results: Hicks was inactive Week 1.

Summary: Though he’s an actual specimen, Hicks is very raw being released of Regina. He or she is a great player, but it will require time.

8 Brandon Thompson, Clemson&mdashCincinnati Bengals

Week 1 Results: 1 tackle

Summary: Mainly a run-stopper, Thompson will spell Domata Peko at defensive tackle. He might not be a starter, but he’s an adaptable backup who provides solid depth.

9 Alameda Ta’amu, Washington&mdashPittsburgh Steelers

Week 1 Results: Ta’amu was inactive Week 1.

Summary: A large, gifted nose tackle, Ta’amu needs time for you to develop, but he’s potential. It might be foolish to anticipate everything from the Washington product like a rookie, though he should play an adequate amount in 2013.

10 Jaye Howard, Florida&mdashSeattle Seahawks

Week 1 Results: Howard was inactive Week 1.

Summary: An explosive defensive tackle, Howard is able to penetrate or hold strong from the run. He’s an engaged player rich in upside.

Top nfl defensive tackle draft review1 Top 10 2012 NFL Defensive Tackle Draft Review

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