Top 10 2012 NFL Quarterback Draft Review


1 Andrew Luck, Stanford&mdashIndianapolis Colts

Week 1 Results: 23-of-45, 309 yards, 1 TD, 3 INT

Summary: Luck fought some within the first game action, however with the preseason and training camping, he looked ready for your NFL. Luck’s NFL readiness was unequalled, which he gets the physical capacity to dominate.

Look for Luck to hold onto advance. His amounts is probably not great all year round, but which matches much more about his supporting cast.

2 Robert Griffin III, Baylor&mdashWashington Redskins

Week 1 Results: 19-of-26, 320 yards, 2 TD, INT

Summary: RG3 couldn’t have observed a better debut. He completely centered New Orleans using the air. Griffin made plays while using ball and was efficient.

They do not have the best defense, but Griffin’s play provides plenty cause of optimism. He’ll still improve as time continues and may have a very great year.

3 Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M&mdashMiami Whales

Week 1 Results: 20-of-36, 219 yards, TD, 3 INT

Summary: Playing against an excellent Houston defense, Tannehill fought. He frequently made an appearance as though he simply wasn’t quite ready for your NFL game.

However, Tannehill remains full of potential.

He’s utilizing a terribly untalented offense, ornamented by handful of players worthwhile. After a while, Tannehill turn into a star, but he’ll undergo struggles, as he’s already showing.

4 Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State&mdashCleveland Browns

Week 1 Results: 12-of-35, 119 yards, TD, 4 INT

Summary: Weeden isn’t exactly away and off to a good beginning. Really, he’s away and off to an awful start. There’s no denying the 28-year-old’s talent, but he isn’t showing it round the area.

The Browns are hopeful that Weeden will adapt to the NFL, nevertheless it will in all probability require sometime&mdashand it could never happen. Whether it’s a rough year for Weeden as well as the Browns.

5 Brock Osweiler, Arizona State&mdashDenver Broncos

Week 1 Results: Osweiler was active but did not record any stats Week 1.

Summary: As Peyton Manning’s backup, Osweiler probably won’t start to see the area much, if whatsoever, in 2012. The 6’7″ quarterback is gifted, but he needs plenty of behave as a quarterback.

Osweiler features a rocket arm, great size and surprising athleticism. However, making it becoming an NFL quarterback, his mechanics, precision and decision-making will all want to make huge strides.

6 Russell Wilson, Wisconsin&mdashSeattle Seahawks

Week 1 Results: 18-of-34, 153 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT

Summary: Wilson is gifted, but he fought some within the begin. It remains seen whether a 5’11″ third-round pick can also enjoy in an advanced. At this time around, Wilson’s preseason and regular season are conflicting.

7 Nick Foles, Arizona&mdashPhiladelphia Eagles

Week 1 Results: Foles was active but did not record any stats.

Summary: Foles is undeniably gifted. He completed within the preseason, winning Philadelphia’s backup quarterback place. With time, Foles turn into an above-average starter.

8 Kirk Cousins, Michigan State&mdashWashington Redskins

Week 1 Results: Cousins was active but did not record any stats.

Summary: Cousins lacks the physical ability to become beginning quarterback, but he’s smart and gifted enough to become good backup. While using injuries-prone Robert Griffin at quarterback, Washington needs a good backup.

9 Ryan Lindley, Hillcrest State&mdashArizona Cardinals

Week 1 Results: Lindley was inactive Week 1.

Summary: Attending school, Lindley will be a gifted passer who carried out in the professional-style offense. However, his precision was bad, and also the decision-making was worse.

Lindley has some potential, but he needs plenty of work.

10 B.J. Coleman, Knoxville&mdashGreen Bay Packers

Week 1 Results: Coleman was round the practice squad Week 1.

Summary: A gifted passer, Coleman has some upside, but he’ll need time to be a backup.

Top nfl quarterback draft review1 Top 10 2012 NFL Quarterback Draft Review

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