Top 10 2012 NFL Tight End Draft Review


1 Coby Fleener, Stanford&mdashIndianapolis Colts

Week 1 Results: 6 Rec, 82 yards

Summary: Fleener began off his NFL career having a great performance. Andrew Luck leaned on him throughout the overall game, and Fleener responded.

An excellent athlete, Fleener continues to place up good amounts. Pricier much from him like a blocker, but he’ll catch the football.

2 Dwayne Allen, Clemson&mdashIndianapolis Colts

Week 1 Results: Allen performed plenty in the debut, but he did not catch a pass.

Summary: As time continues, Allen will lead more to Indianapolis’ offensive success.

3 Michael Egnew, Missouri&mdashMiami Whales

Week 1 Results: Egnew was inactive Week 1.

Summary: At Missouri, Egnew was basically a very large wide receiver. Within the NFL, he’s battling to split up from more sports defenders, which does not appear prone to change in the near future.

4 Ladarius Green, Louisiana-Lafayette&mdashSan Diego Battery chargers

Week 1 Results: Green was inactive Week 1.

Summary: An awesome athlete having a large frame, Green is viewed by many people as Antonio Gates’ alternative. However, Green is not yet ready for that NFL, and that he will find it difficult to earn playing time like a rookie.

5 Orson Charles, Georgia&mdashCincinnati Bengals

Week 1 Results: Charles didn’t record any stats Week 1.

Summary: Presently Cincinnati’s No. 3 tight end, Charles will not get a lot of playing time. However, his athleticism might be valuable down the road. Charles is really a potential weapon who are able to be moved all around the offense.

6 Adrien Robinson, Cincinnati&mdashNew York Titans

Week 1 Results: Robinson was active but didn’t record any stats.

Summary: Robinson can be quite raw, but his physical ability is uncommon. The 6’4″, 264-pounder has unbelievable upside, and he or she is an engaged weapon later on.

7 Rhett Ellison, USC&mdashMinnesota Vikings

Week 1 Results: 1 tackle

Summary: Ellison is fairly far lower the Vikings’ depth chart, but he’s handled to locate a niche playing special teams. He is not an excellent athlete or blocker, though, therefore it is difficult to imagine him ever beginning.

8 Taylor Thompson, SMU&mdashTennessee Leaders

Week 1 Results: Thompson recorded no stats Week 1.

Summary: Broadly seen as an huge project, Thompson has already been playing for that Leaders. He’s an actual freak, cheap he’s already playing means he’s further along in the development than was thought. There’s huge potential here.

9 James Hanna, Oklahoma&mdashDallas Cowboys

Week 1 Results: 1 Rec, 10 yards

Summary: Hanna is an excellent athlete who still needs some act as a blocker. He is not an excellent receiver yet either, but his athleticism overshadows his rawness there.

10 Drake Dunsmore, Northwestern&mdashTampa Bay Buccaneers

Week 1 Results: Dunsmore was around the practice squad Week 1.

Summary: Dunsmore is a great athlete with no real position. He is not large enough to experience tight end, and that he is not a runner from the backfield. He or she is a great H-back later on, though.

Top 10 2012 NFL Tight End Draft Review1 Top 10 2012 NFL Tight End Draft Review

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