Top 10 2012 NFL Wide Receiver Draft Review


1 Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State&mdashJacksonville Jaguars

Week 1 Results: 3 Rec, 24 yards, TD

Summary: Blackmon made some plays inside the preseason, but he isn’t there as a star wideout yet. As a rookie, Blackmon should lead, but he’ll not be A.J. Eco-friendly.

Afterwards, look for Blackmon to be a good, consistent receiver. More pricey elite production or play, though. He isn’t physically gifted enough to be a truly dominant weapon.

2 Michael Floyd, Notre Dame&mdashArizona Cardinals

Week 1 Results: Floyd was active but did not record any stats.

Summary: A gifted wideout, Floyd is continually be looking for some refinement. He’s large, sports and could catch, but he needs work otherwise. It will need here’ am at Floyd to actually produce.

Once Floyd begins to refine his game, Arizona may ultimately come with an explosive wideout opposite Ray Fitzgerald. Really, the two could be an incredible duo.

3 Kendall Wright, Baylor&mdashTennessee Leaders

Week 1 Results: 5 Rec, 37 yards, TD

Summary: Despite not creating great amounts, Wright has impressed along with his play. He’s proven explosiveness, quickness and catching ability.

Already beginning, Wright reaches line by getting a great rookie season. He probably won’t setup 1,000 yards, but he should produce at a greater level.

4 A.J. Jenkins, Illinois&mdashSan Francisco 49ers

Week 1 Results: Jenkins was active but did not record any stats.

Summary: Up to now, Jenkins has disappointed. He is not effective to function his in position an unimpressive depth chart and consists of not separated itself whatsoever. It had been a surprise pick in people days, it is also not searching far better now.

Jenkins keeps talent, but she has to start improving before people disheartenment in him. He isn’t gifted enough to underachieve for too extended.

5 Brian Quick, Appalachian State&mdashSt. Louis Rams

Week 1 Results: Quick was active but did not record any stats.

Summary: A great talent, Quick has size and sports ability. He’s great potential and could become a No. 1 wide receiver.

Being launched of Appalachian State, Quick is raw. She must improve in a quantity of areas as a wide receiver, however, if he’s doing, he could be frightening.

6 Stephen Hill, Georgia Tech&mdashNew York Jets

Week 1 Results: 5 Rec, 89 yards, 2 TD

Summary: Hill started off his NFL career with a bang, moving by fifty percent touchdowns. There’s no denying Hill’s crazy physical talent, although very few expected him disappear the gates so quick.

If Hill is creating similar to this as a raw rookie, he could do unthinkable things because they improves his game. There’s unlimited potential here.

7 Alshon Jeffery, South Carolina&mdashChicago Bears

Week 1 Results: 3 Rec, 80 yards, 1 TD

Summary: An incredible talent, Jeffery’s only problem while attending school was weight and conditioning. If he stays fit, Jeffery could be a complete animal for that Bears.

Quantity of wideouts offer Jeffery’s catching ability. The South Carolina product can engage in at between the location, which he’s incredible upside.

8 Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma&mdashDetroit Lions

Week 1 Results: Broyles was inactive Week 1.

Summary: Broyles is continually be recuperating from a torn ACL experienced throughout his senior season at Oklahoma. The shifty wideout could still lead as a rookie, though.

Afterwards, Broyles projects as a slot receiver, but he could be excellent because capacity. His combination of quickness and consistent hands is deadly there.

9 Rueben Randle, LSU&mdashNew York Leaders

Week 1 Results: Randle was active but did not record any stats.

Summary: Randle is a superb athlete with terrific size. He’s under ready to start yet, however, if he’s, he could be something.

Along with his physical ability, Randle has the capacity to attack every volume of the place. He’s legitimate No. 1 wideout upside.

10 DeVier Posey, Ohio State&mdashHouston Texans

Week 1 Results: Posey was inactive Week 1.

Summary: Neglecting to even dress for his first regular season game isn’t a nice beginning for Posey. The gifted wideout missed just about all his senior season, that’s proven over the area.

Posey has physical ability, unquestionably, but he isn’t experimentation it thus far. Houston must be disappointed using what Posey has shown.

Top nfl wide receiver draft review1 Top 10 2012 NFL Wide Receiver Draft Review

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