Top 10 Athletes We Want as President


It’s Election Day and unless of course obviously some exclusively terrifying, 2012 type of the “hanging chad” keeps the final results doubtful extended past election evening, American will most likely know whether Leader Obama or Governor Romney may be the champion by evening time.

No matter who the victor is, lots of people is going to be thrilled so that as most be disappointed. Appear familiar? Elections tend to be like sports–we love to your competitors, we love to teams and individual sports sports athletes, but we hate to eliminate.

Sadly, when there’s champion, there should be considered a loser. That’s exactly how the earth works.

Believe to both celebrate the democratic process, and soothe the wounds of people who emerged short, in comparison to imagining what sports sports athletes we wish to see inside the Oblong Office? It becomes an election where everybody wins, as it is pure fantasy, and the brain aren’t being pulverized by political ads.


So, exercise your right and election. Then return here, and join me while exploring within the 25 Sports sports athletes We Wish As Leader.

Matt Bonner, Dallas Spurs

Okay, so Spurs forward Matt Bonner is loaded with lots of apparent talents to select exactly what is a handful of fatal flaws as Commander in Chief.

His talents? Bonner remains referred to as among “the best males in professional sports,” graduation within the College of Florida getting a company degree and summa cum laude honors. Also, he was produced in Nh, which loves it’s psychotic grip round the Presidential primaries.

His flaws? At 6’10″, Bonner would beat Abraham Lincoln subsequently subsequently for your title of ‘Tallest President’ by four inches. A lot more dangerous–he married a Canadian which is using for Canadian Citizenship.

Mia Hamm, Outdated Soccer

If selected Leader, Mia Hamm might not you have to be the initial lady ever selected for the nation’s finest office, she’d be following inside the actions of other great sports sports athletes-switched-leader.

The Earth Cup champion, two-time gold medalist, and unquestioned leader, would join the late Michigan Wolverines legend (and solid professional) Gerald Ford and Harvard boxing terror Teddy Roosevelt as Presidents who excelled in sports before coping with the earth stage.

Matt Birk, Baltimore Ravens

Ravens center Matt Birk recently made mind lines totally unrelated to his go through the area, once we considered in on several hot-button political issues. This unabashed conservative certainly gets the will to battle pressure to become ‘The Best Guy on earth,A having a diploma in overall costs from Harvard, he clearly gets the brains too.

Myron Rolle, Nfl Free Agent

Free agent safety Myron Rolle came praise additionally to critique for his decision to forgo the 2010 Nfl Draft continue his publish-graduate education at Oxford College just like a Rhodes Scholar. A stand-out player at Florida Condition, the man clearly offers some major inteligence, producing a masters in medical anthropology.

Rolle recognized his academic path instead of an expert career, meaning he is not merely a guy that values the power from the education, but somebody who blogs about the large picture–he appears as an ideal fit for your Oblong Office.

Ross Ohlendorf, Mlb Free Agent

Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Ross Ohlendorf’s resume is extremely unique for just about any professional baseball player. The Princeton graduate got his degree although within the Arizona Diamondbacks’ farm system, and labored just like a federal intern within the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The guy written his senior thesis in regards to the return on investment when signing a substantial league prospect–seriously.

Leader Ohlendorf may very well proceed and take layer as “wonkiest” Leader to ever crunch amounts inside the White-colored House.

Jamal Mashburn, Outdated Basketball

For that tales of sports sports athletes who burned through vast amounts and outdated broke, it’s greater than refreshing to uncover the accomplishments of outdated Basketball player Jamal Mashburn.

His story is decline in the fabric exceptional presidents are produced–a Bronx native, Mashburn handled to maneuver on from basketball and increased to become very effective entrepreneur and philanthropist. A man who labored hard, recognized the options given him, but never lost sight from the products matters most–community.

Ray Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals

The following Nfl Hall of Famer, consummate teammate, locker room leader, and many types of-around nice guy, why wouldn’t Cardinals great Ray Fitzgerald’s portrait be described as a perfect addition inside the Hall of Presidents?

If without other reason, we would like anybody to function as first Commander in Chief with sweet dreads.

Shane Battier, Miami Warmth

Shane Battier is handsome, smart, together with a great individual–most considerably, he’s a Duke alumnus from Detroit, MI.

Why these two particulars so significant? Because one “Dick” Nixon might be the only real leader to ever finish Duke, so Battier must apparent the Duke title. And, Detroit just needs among it’s own to produce history in an effective way.

Craig Breslow, Boston Red-colored-colored Sox

Graduation from an Ivy League school is similar to entering a raffle to be the following U.S. Leader in the present era. So, because of like a Yale-guy, Red-colored-colored Sox pitcher Craig Breslow already features a better shot at obtaining the finest office than most sports sports athletes.

He’d be the initial Jewish leader, and America loves a man who forges a path for some individuals to follow along with together with. We are a rustic founded by pioneers.

Warrick Dunn, Outdated Nfl

Outdated Nfl running back Warrick Dunn were built with a amazing career inside the league, but in the area he’s been a lot more impressive. Dunn has their very own charitable organization (Warrick Dunn Charitable groups) and established Home for your Holidays, another charitable organization, in 1997. This time around around of philanthropic minded type is exactly what we would like really in public areas service.

Top athletes we want as president1 Top 10 Athletes We Want as President

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