Top 10 best skateboarders in the world


Because the first decade within the 2000s concludes, allows have a look inside the best skateboarders the best ten years needed to provide. They are skaters who pressed the restrictions, impressed the majority of us, or added positively to skateboarding inside a couple of significant way.

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1. Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk remains the very best known skate boarder through the final ten years, but Hawk outdated from competing in 1999. How come he the very best skater in the decade?

In 1999, the first Tony Hawk Professional Skater gaming turned up in this region. Through the final ten years, the Tony Hawk gaming franchise (12 games!) has moved hillsides in marketing skateboarding, and consists of centered the skateboarding gaming scene.

Too as with 1999, Tony Hawk elevated to be the initial skater to drag off a 900, the very best reason for vert skateboarding. Through the final ten years, many have attempted to overcome it, but nobody has yet. I’ve unquestionably that you land a 1080 eventually, however in the world of vert skating, Tony Hawk has ongoing being unchallenged, despite the fact that he isn’t performed. That’s incredible.

2. Rodeny Mullen

In 2001 Globe skateboard footwear turned up in this region while using the Globe: Opinion skateboarding video. Rodney Mullen happen to be well-known with this time around (he what food was at the Bones Brigade!), however this video really displayed what Mullen could. His technical street wizardry proven he’ll be a magnitude above everybody else, which he’s ongoing to become there through the final ten years. He’s produced several more skateboarding videos, each challenging what individuals think street skateboarding is.

Mullen has in addition been heavily confused in research and development side of skateboarding – through his company Almost, furthermore to Globe and Tensor Trucks, Rodney remains influential within the design side of skateboarding through the final decade.

3. Danny Way

Danny Way has centered the stunts and spectacle side of skateboarding for last ten years. That is not saying he’s an undesirable skater in competitions – he’s done his simpler to gather just as much gold medals as they can, too!

Around 2000, Danny had his first knee surgery. He’d have 6 more thought the best ten years, including getting his ACL changed three occasions.

Just before being feeling sorry for him, here’s all the his bigger accomplishments: through the final ten years he’s pointed out the global record for Finest Freefall, Longest Jump and greatest Air. In 2005, he needed the area record while jumping within the Great Wall of China, becoming the first person to get it done with no motor! Danny’s Mega Ramp has in addition be described as a staple within the X Games.

4. Ryan Sheckler

Ryan Sheckler results in strong responses in skaters. Some love him, and many absolutely hate him. He’s such as the Leonardo DiCaprio of skateboarding.

In 2004 Ryan Sheckler elevated to be the youngest professional skater to consider gold within the X Games. Then, he taken competition after competition, winning to begin with generally. He’s good, as well as the skill has won him a lot of money. He’s also done well together with his money, keeping a comparatively clean status and achieving poster boy for skateboarding. Lots of skaters resent him using this, however that numerous the positive attitude we skaters have loved through the final decade is because of Ryan Sheckler!

5. Rob Dyrdek

For many people the very first time they saw Rob skate what food was at 2003 once the Electricity Video turned up in this region. It absolutely was a cutting-edge skateboarding video, because you’ll be able to tell people funds are actually spent which helps it be! Around that time, most skateboarding videos came out as if a stride above films. It had been within the Electricity Video that individuals first saw the excitement gimmick of Rob and huge, his body guard. People loved it, and Rob used that to catapult his career into show business.

After that the television shows Rob and huge, and Fantasy Factory have released Dyrdek elevated. He’s now on from the very popular skaters on earth. Rob Dyrdek’s skateboarding and show biz style have centered the best decade.

6. Bob Burnquist

The best ten years are really about Bob. He began within the decade winning TransWorld’s Best Vert honours for 3 years consecutive. He then spent enhanced comfort within the decade winning medal after medal in skateboard vert contests such as the X Games. Burnquist is an from the world’s best vert skaters, which he’s proven that within the contest arena again and again again, and he’s still competing.

Bob also began the Bob Burnquist Foundation to go to schools and lift understanding of organic farming and gardening. Also, he co-founded the understanding Sports Atmosphere Coalition that advances lots of information on atmosphere awareness while using Action Sports scene. Burnquist has spent this decade winning, and utilizing that to be able to save our planet.

7. Daewon Song

Daewon Song could be a genius technical street skater – generally everybody knows him from his volume of videos he turned up in this region with Rodeny Mullen Versus Daewon Song, Models 1, 2 and three. These videos displayed both skaters, and proven everyone surrounding you that could be some incredibly gifted and fresh skaters available that you will not see inside the X Games! For pushing the restrictions in the items technical street skateboarding are able to do, too for telling everyone surrounding you that contests aren’t an individual’s heart of skateboarding, Daewon Song is most likely the very best skaters within the decade.

8. Paul Rodriguez Jr, or P-Flyfishing fishing rod

Paul Rodriguez has charisma. He’s a great skater, and consists of won lots of skateboarding contests and demoed his abilities in a number of videos, but what really pushes him crazy occurs when dang enjoyable the man is. In 2004 Rodriguez elevated to be the initial professional skater backed by Nike – people may have hated Nike, nevertheless they still loved P-Rod.

Through the final ten years, P-Rod does his simpler to bust into Hollywood. In 2007 he what food was at the film Vicious Loop, and it also won Best Film with the brand-new You’ll have the ability to Worldwide Latino Film Festival in 2008. Last Season he starred in Street Dreams, the skateboarding feature film by Rob Dyrdek. All this remains accomplished while still skateboarding in contests, and creating film for skateboard videos.

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9. Elissa Steamer

Elissa Steamer has centered the region of women’s street skateboarding through the final ten years. In 1999, Steamer won the women’s street contest inside the Slam City Jam – it absolutely was the first female-only contest inside a World Cup Skateboarding event. This victory set the interest rate for the next ten years.

Steamer was the first female to get a professional model skateboard, the very first ones to possess a very professional model skateboarding shoe (etnies), and also the only female skater a lot of the Tony Hawk game game game titles! In 2004 and 2005 alone, Steamer needed to start with at ten major skateboarding contests worldwide.

10. Jamie Thomas

Jamie Thomas reaches their list because he’s not just a ruling presence in professional skateboarding, but through the final ten years he’s also slid in a ruling role within the skateboarding industry.

Jamie Thomas was well-recognized for his Leap of Belief in 1997 (a 20 foot drop), but it’s been through the final ten years he’s truly absorbed. He bought Black Box Distribution (parent company of Zero, Mystery, Fallen, and $lave), and introduced lots of his Christian medieval imagery to his designs, while not pushing his belief lower people throats. Thomas also proven you can run a skate company with morals and ethics. And wonderful these business dealings, Jamie Thomas still skates within one skateboard video to produce year!