Top 10 CFB Recruiting 2013 RB Prospects


Yesterday, we checked out the quarterback board regarding the top ten prospects in the united states at this position. We examined and predicted the things they could do within their newbie attending college, with a few being candidates to redshirt while some were considered challengers for enjoying time.

Today we’ll move to the important backs and perform the same factor. I have always maintained that it’s simplest to affect like a running in college and also the NFL. This is an instinctive position, and when a back could possibly get the run schemes lower rapidly, he then can enjoy free and let his natural ability dominate.

A few of the running backs within this year’s class are able to determine immediate time, while a couple of might be available for red-colored-shirt years.

10. Thomas Tyner

Fresh off a 640-plus yard and 10-TD performance a week ago, Tyner has got the tools to become one of the top 2 or 3 talents about this list, but he’s a situation from the injuries bug. You will find sturdiness concerns using the 6’0″, 218-pound rock toter from Or.

However, when he’s healthy, he’s tremendous speed and may flat-out fly. When Tyner is permitted to square his shoulders as much as the aim posts, the Or commit can jet past a whole defense to pay for grime.

9. Altee Tenpenny

Tenpenny is really a 6’0″ RB that’s approaching the 210-pound mark. He’s done a good job of bulking up and adding mass to his frame to combat the deterioration from the RB position, but still has great speed.

Tenpenny flashes good strength and the opportunity to become a back that may break takes up and push piles. Yet for the time being, he’s a speed guy with great elusiveness, vision and instincts that’s on his method to Alabama.

8. Alvin Kamara

Kamara is really a 5’10″, 195-pound runner that may really stand out within the passing game. He’s a nightmare for linebackers to pay for and it is quick in the junction point.

Kamara can jet to and thru holes with burst and runs that has a lot more energy than you are able to think about. I believe he either eventually ends up at Georgia or Alabama, both schools with a decent stable of backs around the depth chart.

7. Ryan Eco-friendly

Eco-friendly comes form Florida and it is headed to Florida Condition to terrorize the ACC together with his speed, quick-cut ability and large-play potential. The 5’10″,190-pound runner can jet towards the second level and extremely split the safeties.

The only real factor is, Green is headed to Florida Condition, where James Wilder, Junior. and Mario Pender are youthful studs for Jimbo Fisher. They will be in front of Green around the depth chart to begin his Seminole career, therefore it might be a while before we have seen the entire impact Green would be to make at FSU.

6. Keith Ford

Ford is really a super instinctive runner that shows large-time vision. He sees creases and extremely reads the flow of linebackers well. The 5’11″, 200-pounder includes a natural sense of the positioning and shows good persistence to setup his blocks.

He’s from Texas and it is dedicated to Oklahoma. Ford has got the size, speed and endurance to become a bell-cow back for that Sooners.

5. Greg Bryant

Bryant is really a 5’10″, 205-pound back from Florida that runs with higher strength, energy and tenacity. He’s the capacity to strongly attack a front seven, challenge defenders in run walkways and break arm takes up.

He is not as quickly as other backs about this list, but he shows good quickness and wiggle. If he heads to Sc, I believe Bryant has a way for an initial-year impact.

The relaxation of his faves may present some depth chart increases.

4. Derrick Eco-friendly

Playing in Virginia, Green has built among the top prospects within the Mid-Atlantic region. He’s a large back at 6’0″ and also over 225 pounds, but flashes a burst to cope with creases.

He runs with higher energy and strength, showing the opportunity to be considered a bully with football. His agility is solid, and Green will expensive some wiggle in the runs every once in awhile. lists Michigan, Auburn, Ole Miss, Virginia Tech, Tennessee and Or as his top six.

3. Derrick Henry

Henry may be the greatest back about this list hands lower while he is a big 6’3″, 245-pound runner which has excellent athleticism. He almost slides round the area and runs with great elusiveness and speed.

Together with his size, Henry can be hard to create lower for more compact defenders, but clearly favors to prevent, elude and outrun a defense as he has got the ball. The consensus is, he’s lower to Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia.

2. Kelvin Taylor

Taylor continues to be the most efficient runner within the good reputation for Florida senior high school football. He’s the all-time leading rusher within the condition but still has the majority of his senior season to visit.

A Florida commit, the boy of former Gator RB Fred Taylor is really a 5’10″, 216-pounder that’s extremely swift, instinctive, laterally agile and have good vision. He makes his hay around the second level and eludes defenders perfectly.

1. Ty Isaac

I’ve Isaac rated No. 1 around the RB board while he can perform a lot of things together with getting great size at 6’3″, 220 pounds and incredibly good speed.

Isaac originates from Illinois and it has been very productive, evidenced by him hurrying for more than 2,000 yards this past year. He’s enhanced his strength, but nonetheless shows a good burst through traffic, elusiveness and something-cut running ability.

Isaac also offers terrific hands and may flex to the WR just right the perimeter to operate efficient routes and catch balls downfield. USC should love his flexibility.

Newbie conjecture: Possible situational player or redshirt based on depth chart

Top cfb recruiting rb prospects1 Top 10 CFB Recruiting 2013 RB Prospects

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