Top 10 fastest mma knockout


One of the most enjoyable parts of watching mma fights is the chance of a expensive knockout. Just like a bone-crushing hit across the middle of a football area, there nothing that can compare with visiting a fighter get his clock washed, and mma is chock-full of some of the most awesome slobber knocking KO’s ever. Here we’ll possess a gander at some of the absurdly fast knockouts throughout the world of mma. I believe the lesson to become learned with this particular list was best summarized by Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon: “Never bring your eyes off your attacker…Inch

10 – UFC 8 Classic KO:

This can be a legendary KO from UFC 8 in 1996 one of my earliest reminiscences of savage UFC knockouts. Searching back from today, who the hell falls immediately right into a crucifix in the first ten seconds of a battle? Sigh&hellipwe’ve come to date my buddies, enjoy:

9 – The Heath Herring Kiss of Doom:

I am unsure what this person thought Heath Herring would really do after planting a wet one on him throughout the stare lower. Did he think he’d obtain a kiss back? A hug? Perhaps a date? It isn’t certain. What he ended up getting would be a one-way visit to the neurosurgeon. Is that this just like a minus 10 second knockout?

8 – James Thompson’s porcelain chin:

James Thompson’s MMA legacy will forever be that he’s a goliath of a guy with the chin made of pure Corinthian very. This fight is one of many who despite his size and athleticism, Thompson chin allow him to lower generally. This time around, getting obliterated with a guy who appears like he ought to be making pizza.

7 – King of the KO:

This classic King of the Cage knockout comes courtesy of Joel Villasenor at the expense of Hank Weis in 2004. Hank was searching to jab, Joey was searching to conquer traffic home. Ouch. Villasenor was credited having a five second KO, not necessarily a bad nights work with three several weeks training.

6 – James Irvin finishes fights:

It may have been a round in, however this has to be the fastest knockout to begin a second round ever. If you’re able to go beyond the annoying Nu-metal thrash music and the video searching such as this was shot via a jar of Vaseline, this KO rivals the Yamamoto flying knee (keep reading through, you will see what i’m saying) both in precision and devastating power. Irving reaches it again, and Terry Martin had No clue it was coming. Irvin will get credited having a nine second stoppage at the opening of the second round, but in most importance, which was a five seconder.

5 – Gomi Power:

Gomi happens to be a pure power fighter, knocking out the who’s who of mma in Japan. Rob Gracie was an undefeated Gracie prodigy who had been not just preferred to conquer Gomi, but to hold around the PRIDE organization for any very very long time. Gomi stopped the legend before it even began.

4 &ndash The Fastest UFC Knockout Ever:

At UFC 102 in August of 2009, Todd Duffee clobbered Tim Hague and was granted a seven second KO victory, the fastest knockout in UFC history.

3 – Kid Yamamoto and his flying knee of shame:

Within this K-1 HERO’s Championship fight, Kid Yamamoto hard his presence in the world of MMA having a four second flying knee steamrolling of Kazuyuki Miyata. It was the fastest knockout in K-1 history, and I still think he got gypped, Miyata was out cold two seconds after the bell seemed, the extra little love tap at the finish just stored him in never-never land for an additional couple of minutes.

2 – One-second super knockout:

A lot of amazing super fast knockouts originate from martial artists that people have no idea, and most likely won’t. This doozy is simply a well time monster left hook that introduced this unknown fighter into Internet knockout fame:

1 – The one-second clothesline of death:

It Has t be the fastest KO ever. Both of these men literally sprint at one another and the moment they’re close enough to create contact, one of them is asleep. BAM! The best way it cold happen to be a faster KO is that if the fight began with martial artists located on each other peoples laps.

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