Top 10 female boxers of all time



PAT PINEDA is really a female boxer inside the later part of the 70′s, early eighties. She formerly fought against against against against Kim Maybee within the Olympic Stadium, and lost the bout. She trained with Lady Tyger Trimiar and was handled by John Dubliss (who’s now deceased). It’s a puzzle if she’d almost every other bouts at this time around around around around. Pat Pineda didn’t have plenty of professional fights, that’s most broadly regarded as because the first lady in California to acquire a Boxing license. Dee Knuckles her manager, was very instrumental in assisting Pineda accomplish this goal. Knuckles handled women mma mma fighters, including Sue TL Fox, Britt VanBuskirk, and even more.


Cheryl Brown of Waterville, Maine, set an growing for your condition when she stopped Pat Belgium, in only 10-seconds within the Augusta Social Center. That was the quickest kayo each one of the experts or even the amateurs. Ms. Brown’s kayo being faster in comparison to at least one recorded by Al Couture over Take full advantage of Walton back on September 26, 1946, which was listed at ten . 5 seconds like the count. Minimal fight on record is a novice bout, stopped without any count. In only four seconds in Ontario, MI in 1947.


YVONNE BARKLEY, who had formerly been from Harlem, New You’ll be capable of along with a parent of two children. According to newspaper sources, BARKLEY fought against against against against Lilly Bayardo on 10/9/79 in Houston, Texas, combined with lost obtaining a choice. BARLEY fought against against against against Sue “KO” Carlson on 11/20/79, and won inside the fifth round by TKO. People fights were 10-models, two minute in duration, with 8 oz. mitts, which apparently is customary in Texas. BARKLEY also defeated Lady Tyger Trimiar inside the eighties and was #3 on earth in 1984.


BILLIE JO “Pricey” FINLEY, a Bantamweight from Canada is an extremely energetic and gutsy boxer. She’d a complement Zebra Girl Tucker in 7/23/82. The fight brought to some insufficient profits for Finley, nevertheless it might be an amazing match to check out. (WBAN can get it relevant with this fight)


LAURIE HOLT, a dynamite super-featherweight that defeated Cora Webber inside the 15-round World Title Fight inside the eighties in Colorado, Colorado within the Radisson Hotel. She won obtaining a unanimous decision. HOLT is really a very quick, and skilled boxer. She was light on her behalf account account account ft, hard-puncher, with great timing. (WBAN features a tape within the fight).


HITOMI CHIKANO, a high Japanese contender was knocked out by Britt Van Buskirk once the was just BUSKIRK’S second bout.


DENISE COLEMAN, a featherweight from La, California, fought against against against against Amy Levit on 1/10/80, but lost the fight obtaining a choice. Handful of additional information on her behalf at this time around around around around.


DONNA JENSON, a fighter from Dallas Washington, would be a fight on 10/02/79 in Reno, Nevada against JUDY JAMES of Nevada. She won the fight when she KO’d JAMES inside the 3rd round.

9. FRANKIE Manley

FRANKIE JONES, 168 pounds., would be a fight in Belleville, Illinois, the and surrounding and surrounding and surrounding suburbs near St. Louis. The fight happened on 11/27/79. She won the fight, nevertheless the fight required to are actually a novelty fight, because her opponent, LINDA HARRISON, considered in just 144 pounds., JONES won the fight.


GINGER KAUFMAN, appears to own had the misfortune to fight Graciela Casillas, a great fighter, on 7/31/79 inside the 10-round bout with 8-ounce mitts. KAUFMAN required to are actually a somewhat good boxer to deal with ten models with CASILLAS. She lost obtaining a choice. Reviews were that KAUFMAN was “battered.” KAUFMAN ongoing to fight another well-known fighter inside the 70′s, Karen Bennett, on 11/23/79. The fight is really a draw, and reviews were that both women were “careful.” Also, Kaufman was pointed out as an Amateur fighter in Minnesota, have a look at Setting the Record straight over the first approved amateur bout. All news reviews worldwide recognize Dallas Malloy since the first approved amateur fighter inside the U.S., but WBAN uncovered documents to disprove that!

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