Top 10 hockey movies


10. Canadian Sausage

Nobody taken the plight of the fans a lot better than Michael Moore (before he elevated being *the* Michael Moore). Full of stereotypes from both sides of the border, the &lsquohockey game’ scene will get this flick listed.

9. Slap Shot 2: Hit the Ice

Yes, by video, nevertheless still makes numerous things as an excuse to produce the Hanson brothers and sisters and brothers and sisters back on the screen. I’m not always sure where this ranks on Stephen Baldwin’s filmography, but surprisingly in comparison as to the they are able to throw a cheque mark.

8. Sudden Dying

A fucking helicopter crashes through the arena immediately after JCVD makes the clutch save inside a NHL game. C’mon!

7. Love Guru

Although the movie attracted, it absolutely was surprisingly than nice to uncover a spinal manipulation of genre for fart jokes. This featurette gives the movie some hockey cred.

6. Youngblood

Any movie that tales the tests and struggles of trying which makes it in minor league hockey in Hamilton warrants being their list. Note: Keanu Reeves first appearance as &lsquothe Goalie’.

5. Bon Cop, Bad Cop

Killer hunting hockey symbols, and essentially Colm Feore can stop them. Best movie nobody saw.

4. Mystery, Alaska

Exactly what it lacks in Canadiana, it comprises to obtain a great feel-good story, great on-ice action, together with an engaged cast.

3. Clerks

Closing the store, wearing a CCCP jersey within your suggestions to the roof to find out ball hockey = a classic scene making me laugh every time. Kevin Cruz truly reveres the game, and in addition it shows.

2. Strange Brew

While the McKenzie brothers and sisters and brothers and sisters aren’t Canada’s best symbols, they are among our most beloved. If you choose to complete your movie acquiring a climactic fight scene against arena-organ-mind-controlled mental patients, you will have the capability to wave that Canadian flag high.

1. Slap Shot

Michael Ontkean’s memorable finale cements this at the the the the surface of the list. Provide a great sincere story along with a cast ably produced by Paul Newman, include the most fearsome pretend forward line in the good status for the game, which means you get our top hockey movie.

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