Top 10 hot mma female fighters


etween the ring women, apparel models, television hosts, and also the lady-martial artists themselves, MMA is really a damn fine sport to follow along with should you appreciate beautiful women. (And my God, will we ever.) Therefore we figured, why don’t you throw together the most popular women all corners from the fight game and find out the way they stack facing one another? Benefit from the photos, and tell us how you’d rank &lsquoem within the comments section. And when you prefer their list, Digg it!


Hot Interviewer: She’s not only an incredible group of&hellipeyes. KNOXX Gear’s foxy video-interviewer is really a former pre-school teacher (and graduate of Cal Condition East Bay) having a genuine passion for the game. Company, they are 100% real &mdash that is something you cannot say about Ariel Helwani.


Hot Grappler: Kyra resides proof the Gracie clan from time to time produces kids. Her outstanding achievements in competitive grappling &mdash two game titles in the ADCCs, three in the Mundials, five in the Pan American BJJ Games, five in the Brazilian BJJ titles, etc., etc. &mdash match up against individuals associated with a of her male relations. Plus, she’s clearly the very best-searching Gracie since Helio. Krya is presently practicing her MMA debut.


Hot UFC Legend: Rachelle’s round-card-holding days might be over, however the former Octagon Girl has remained within our hearts because of her hosting gig on Spike’s UFC All Access. In 2008, Leah grew to become the very first lady from the field of MMA to attain the coverage of Playboy. Hopefully she will not function as the last.


Hot Fight-Picker: Joanne was our first MMA crush. Because the brains (and sweetness) behind MMAGirls.internet, Joanne has entertained us since 2006 together with her jiu-jitsu lessons and try to-informative fight conjecture videos. The adorable South African’s work now includes fighter interviews, fighter sponsorships, along with a budding acting career.


Hot Host: Look, we’d have viewed Spike TV’s new Better of PRIDE compilation series even when it had been located by Clint Howard &mdash but we are grateful that Kenda Perez got the gig rather. The Mexican-American model and &ldquoMaxim Home town Hottie&rdquo finalist adds some much-needed gentleness towards the mind-stomping brutality of individuals classic fights. Any girl who fucking loves flying knees is bullets within our book.


Hot WEC Eye-Chocolate: Because the ring-girl full bee for World Extreme Cagefighting, Brittney continues to be cageside for probably the most thrilling MMA occasions of history couple years. The Vegas native produces her very own thrills nightly like a dancer within the X Burlesque show in the Flamingo Hotel, as well as functions as a cocktail waitress at Pure Nightclub. You gotta love a chick who understands how to hustle&hellip


Hot Pill-and-Powder Pusher: Don’t request us how Xyience has handled to remain afloat after their past financial troubles. (This person knows what I am speaking about.) Nonetheless, the supplement clients are still a significant sponsor from the UFC, and former Octagon Girl Amber Nichole Miller now collects a salary among their primary spokesmodels. Amber allegedly separated ways using the UFC following a catty falling-by helping cover their Rachelle Leah, and we have skipped her sexy bad-girl appeal since.


Hot Fight Gear Model: From certain angles, Jenny P looks less just like a real, human lady, and a lot more like a test perpetrated by two lonely teenage boys on their own computer. You could not draw this girl better. Though Jenny’s modeling resume includes numerous magazines and websites, she first found our attention like a clothing model for MMA brands like Hitman Fight Gear and Rest Fight Gear. Incidentally, if you are thinking about boat loads of barely-SFW photos of Ms. P, the web has you covered.


Hot Octagon Goddess: The truth that Arianny has made it all the UFC’s Octagon Girl talent purges states a great deal about how exactly beloved she’s among fans when you achieve a particular degree of hotness, you are essentially untouchable. To put it simply, Arianny Celeste may be the most sexy MMA ring girl ever. She’s an expert-tweeter, she attends proms with nerdy fans, and she or he cooks in boots. Also could a guy request for?


Hot Celebrity: Gina Carano may be the very meaning of &ldquowife that.&rdquo MMA’s first female star continues to be crossing to mainstream success inside a large way, tugging in high-profile media attention along with a lead role within the next Steven Soderbergh flick. Together with her 1000-watt smile, lower-to-earth charm, and indisputable talent, she’s every MMA fan’s dream lady.

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