Top 10 mlb draft Shortstop prospects


Not the greatest position within the draft, however this class of shortstops offers all gifted baseball gamers who figure to create an effect sooner than a few of their other fielding alternatives.

Three gamers&mdashCarlos Correa, Deven Marerro and Gavin Cecchini&mdashstand out over the relaxation.

1. Carlos Correa, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy (6’4″, 190 pounds 17 years of age)

There’s practically nothing to not like about Correa’s game, and then any problems that are stated I’d call a stretch.

Correa’s above-average overall on defense and it has large-time energy potential. While he isn’t a burners around the bases, once he will get going, he’s incredibly hard to get rid of.

2. Deven Marrero, Arizona Condition College (6’1″, 180 pounds 21 years of age)

Marrero has outstanding baseball instincts that just lend themselves to him becoming an excellent defensive shortstop.

Using the softball bat, he’s a line-drive gap hitter who is not prone to provide much when it comes to tanks, but he could easily be a doubles machine.

3. Gavin Cecchini, Barbe Senior High School Lake Charles, La. (6’0″, 175 pounds 18 years of age)

Cecchini will get his hands with the zone as quickly as anybody within this year’s draft, permitting him to create considerable energy to any or all fields, climax still developing.

Defensively, he’s a powerful, accurate arm and ideal instincts and mechanics to area the positioning at a higher level.

Evaluations to J.J. Sturdy happen to be produced by some.

4. Addison Russell, Pace Senior High School Pace, Fla. (6’0″, 215 pounds 18 years of age)

Russell has got the arm strength to stay at SS, but because he is constantly on the complete his frame, a proceed to third base might be within the cards.

But Russell is not being drafted due to his defense&mdashit’s the offensive potential which has scouts excited.

He’s natural energy along with a quick swing, but his mechanics need work, and he’s been sporadic in the approach.

Russell is really a project, only one with tremendous upside.

5. C.J. Hinojosa, Klein Collins Senior High School Spring, Texas (5’11″, 185 pounds 17 years of age)

The right-handed hitter, Hinojosa includes a good batting eye along with a quick softball bat which has proven some pop, permitting him they are driving pitches to any or all fields.

Hinojosa includes a solid arm and adequate speed to experience short, and it is believed that he might have pressed Cecchini to second base around the USA U-18 team this past year had Hinojosa not become hurt.

6. Dansby Swanson, Marrietta Senior High School Kennesaw, Ga. (6’1″, 170 pounds 18 years of age)

A 2-sport athlete in senior high school (he captained Marrietta’s basketball team too), Darby Swanson has solid defensive mechanics and enough arm strength and range to stay at shortstop at a higher level.

He shifts for contact and never energy, although the energy has come about as he is constantly on the complete his 170-pound frame.

7. Chris Taylor, College of Virginia (6’0″, 170 pounds 21 years of age)

Taylor has got the arm, hands and instincts to stay at shortstop moving forward.

Scouts question if he’ll have the ability to hit consistently, because he does not revealed frequently and it has simply gap energy.

8. Cory Raley, Uvalde Senior High School Uvalde, Texas (6’2″, 185 pounds 18 years of age)

Raley has speed to lose, something he placed on display like a dual-threat quarterback for Uvalde’s football team, where he rushed for pretty much 1,500 yards and 20 touchdowns within the fall.

Raley has got the arm and also the mechanics for any shortstop, even though his speed is most certainly an resource, Raley must jump on base more frequently to take advantage of it.

9. Austin Schotts, Centennial Senior High School Frisco, Texas (5’11″, 180 pounds 18 years of age)

He packs lots of pop into his right-handed swing and it has large-time speed, but whether Schotts’ arm continues to build up enough for that majors expires in mid-air.

Schotts has seem fielding mechanics and instincts, and that he certainly has got the range, but his arm&mdashas it stands now&mdashis average, at best.

10. Chris Diaz, New York Condition (5’11″, 182 pounds 21 years of age)

Diaz includes a quick softball bat and ideal hands that permit him to hit to any or all fields, though he’s missing within the energy department.

A great athlete, Diaz has got the speed and smooth hands required to play shortstop at a higher level.

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