Top 10 MLB Each Team’s Chance of Making a Big Deal


As MLB teams turn to make enhancements this offseason, most use the disposable agent market. Other teams will turn to address their issues through trades.

By making a big trade, teams can fill multiple holes at the same time whilst not investing a ton of cash. You will find certainly benefits of this, however, many teams might not be willing to stop their top prospects in a possible deal plus they may lose out.

Some teams are more likely than the others to drag off a big trade this winter since they’ve been thinking about offers captured or since they’re searching to market at the top of one of their gamers.

Washington Excellent

Despite the fact that the Washington Nationals have a full outfield with Jayson Werth, Bryce Harper and Mike Morse, they might pursue Michael Bourn this winter (h/t Jayson Stark of ESPN).

Stark also continues to state the Nationals could trade Morse when they sign Bourn. Washington might search for a pitcher that may replace Edwin Jackson in exchange.

Toronto Blue Jays

Captured, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reported the Toronto Blue Jays wouldn’t trade J.P Arencibia or Travis D’Arnuad throughout the growing season. With D’Arnaud searching ready for that majors, the Blue Jays will have a decision to create.

They are able to trade away Arencibia and obtain a couple of pieces that will help them challenge the Yankees, Rays and Orioles in 2013 or they are able to keep him and then try to fit both gamers to their selection.

Texas Rangers

This offseason won’t be a simple one for that Texas Rangers. They will have to determine if they would like to re-sign Josh Hamilton and Mike Napoli and they’ll also provide a decision to create about Elvis Andrus.

With Jurickson Profar big league ready, Andrus turn into expendable. Jon Heyman of CBS Sports doesn’t believe that’s the situation and thinks that Andrus will remain in Texas.

Polk Bay Sun rays

There’s a belief that’s being held by many people in baseball the Tampa Bay Rays could trade David Cost this winter based on Buster Olney of ESPN (Insider needed). It appears difficult to think that the Rays would trade someone of his talent level.

When the Rays do consider buying and selling Cost, they might contact the Texas Rangers about a deal focused on youthful shortstop Elvis Andrus which may be advantageous to both teams.

St. Louis Cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals have a number of gamers that they’ll promote from inside the business to fill any holes they have. Kolten Wong might be prepared to dominate at second base pick up and Shelby Burns could break camping as a starter for that Cards.

According to these details, the Cardinals might not have a very busy offseason. They might search for bullpen help this winter.

Dallas Ocean adventurers

One of the big goals this summer time for that Seattle Mariners ended up being to acquire a youthful, cost-controlled hitter based on Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports. This brought they to stay in hot pursuit of Brandon Belt (h/t Dork Cameron of FanGraphs).

As the Mariners did finish track of Eric Thames this summer time, he doesn’t exactly fill that require. Seattle could once more consider the youthful players available on the market and then try to make a move.

San Francisco Titans

The outfield appears to become the greatest area of concern for that San Francisco Giants heading in to the winter. Early reviews appear to point that they’ll attempt to sign a free agent to repair their problems.

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports sees the Giants as a possible fit for Shane Victorino. After talking to some professionals, Buster Olney thinks that Josh Hamilton could finish in the Bay Area. If either of both of these gamers sign using the Giants, it’s highly unlikely they make a big trade.

San Diego Padres

Chase Headley has finally had the breakout season the San Diego Padres as well as their fans were wishing for. People outdoors of San Diego have certainly began to take serious notice.

Right now it seems the Padres don’t want to trade Headley this winter (h/t Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports). However, that may all change once other teams start making serious offers for him.

Pittsburgh Pirates

While everything has been improving in Pittsburgh throughout the final 2 yrs, the Pirates haven’t become to the postseason. They might turn to get a player this winter that may help have them there.

Jayson Stark of ESPN reported this summer time the Pirates were in a serious pursuit of Justin Upton. While they didn’t acquire him this summer time, the Pirates may go after Upton once more this winter.

Philadelphia Phillies

There’s a chance that High cliff Lee is the greatest player on the trade market this winter. Danny Knobler of CBS Sports thinks the Philadelphia Phillies could shop him around.

Dealing a player of Lee’s quality isn’t simple for a team, however it could provide the Phillies the pieces that they must contend in 2013.

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