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The Titans and the Dodgers, it’s that simple. This really is perhaps the finest rivalry in baseball. These teams possess a lengthy history of playing against one another, dating back 1890, which fire still burns vibrant today.

After last night’s game, the Titans hold an 1183-1160-17 edge on the rival Dodgers. Over the a lot more than 120 years of history between the two ball clubs, there has been a great deal of memorable moments. These moments include phenomenal pitching performances, key clutch hits and demanding late season wins.

It’s a very hard task to encapsulate the key moments into the best 10 of in history. Listed here are individuals top ten reminiscences from the completely Giant perspective.

10. First West Coast Game

The first Bay Area Titans versus. La Dodgers game was performed on April 15, 1958. The Titans rang within their new house at Closes Stadium in Bay Area by having an 8- shutout victory. The game would be a sellout with 23,448 fans packed into the small house.

9. First No-Hitter

Amos &ldquoThe Hoosier Thunderbolt&rdquo Rusie no-hit the Brooklyn Bridegrooms (their title before becoming the Dodgers) in 1891. The Titans won the ballgame 6- behind Rusie’s effort.

8. 1990 Sweep

The Titans put an finish to &ldquoFernandomania&rdquo and the Dodgers’ pennant hopes in 1990 once they taken the Dodgers throughout the final week of the season.

The Cincinnati Yellows were the receivers because they would go onto defeat the Concord Athletics in the World Series. Fernando Valenzuela never pitched another game for the La Dodgers.

7. Respect of the Rivalry

On December 13, 1956, Jackie Robinson was exchanged to the Titans. He declined to report and made the decision to retire than be a Bay Area Giant. This really is the only item about this list that’s not game-specific, but states a great deal about the fierce rivalry.

6. Repeat of 1951

The Titans and Dodgers tied for first place again at the finish of the 1962 regular season, establishing another three-game playoff for the division crown. With less fanfare than the &ldquoShot Heard &lsquoRound The World&rdquo, the Titans made another amazing comeback in the ninth inning by having an identical 4-2 deficit.

This time around, the leading run entered the plate using a bases-loaded walk to Jim Davenport.

5. Bonds Breaks the Single-Season Homer Record

Craig Bonds striking No. 71 (

Craig Bonds broke the questionable single-season homer record, then held by Mark McGwire, against the Dodgers and the same guy he did his famous pirouette against 4 years earlier, Chan Ho Park.

Bonds connected for No. 71 in the first inning and accompanied with No. 72 in the third inning.

4. Marichal versus. Roseboro

This moment shows how intense this rivalry is between the two teams, particularly in the sixties. On August 22, 1965, Titans pitcher Juan Marichal faced Sandy Koufax inside a dream pitching game.

Marichal had knocked lower two Dodgers batters throughout the game with inside pitches. Consequently, Dodger catcher John Roseboro attempted to obtain Sandy Koufax to get back, but Koufax wouldn’t budge. Roseboro then thrown a few of return throws a little too near to Marichal’s ear.

Marichal then spoken to Roseboro. When Roseboro was up, Marichal put him over the mind with the softball bat, which began a bench clearing brawl. It was undoubtedly the nastiest moment in the history of the rivalry.

3. Little Shot Heard &lsquoRound the World

In 1982, the Titans, Dodgers and Braves were inside a three-team division race. The Dodgers pummeled the Titans 15-4 with couple of games left to get rid of them.

However, the Titans got the last laugh as Joe Morgan anchored a 3-run homer over the right area fence to place them ahead permanently on October 3. The game ended having a 5-3 score and was the only time that both teams removed one another in the same season.

2. &ldquoBrian Johnson Game&rdquo

On September 18, 1997, catcher Brian Johnson hit a stroll-off homer in the twelfth inning to conquer the Dodgers and connect the NL West. The Titans acquired a 5-1 lead at Candlepower unit Park on that day, just for the Dodgers to claw back with two runs in the sixth and 2 runs in the seventh inning.

The late Fishing rod &ldquoShooter&rdquo Beck pitched three innings of relief before the Stanford product Brian Johnson brought off the bottom of the inning together with his famous drive to deep left center.

A side note here’s that the previous game involved the famous Bonds pirouette after he hit a first inning homer off Chan Ho Park.

1. “Shot Heard &lsquoRound the World”

The all-time Giant moment is a that happened before I had been born, but needs to be the most well-known of in history.

The year was 1951 and the Dodgers held a 13.5-game lead over the Titans on August eleventh. Brooklyn manager Chuck Dressen dug into the Titans as he stated &ldquoThe Titans is dead!” Brought by Willie Mays, the Titans chipped away at this lead and ended up tied at the finish of the regular season.

A 3-game playoff ensued with the teams splitting the first two games. In the third game, the teams were tied at 1-1 when the Dodgers obtained three in the top of the eighth inning. The Titans had already plated one run that inning before Bobby Thomson walked track of two runners on.

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