Top 10 most attractive male athletes 2012


Although Rob Lauren designed the 2012 U.S Olympic uniforms, viewing the very best-outfitted will likely not be sufficient cause to stay tuned to London’s Summer time Games. Rather, watching the bare, hot physiques of those fierce rivals represent their country is the perfect incentive and will certainly perhaps you have entertaining with American pride.

1. Swimmer Nathan Adrian, Bremerton WA
Adrian supports the world records within the 50 and 100-yard freestyle competitions. He gained a gold medal within the 2008 Summer time Olympic games. Additionally, he is able to rock any speedo.
2. Cycler Jimmy Watkins, Bakersfield CA
Watkins began cycling at 21 to satisfy the physical demands of his regular job like a full-time firemen. Appears a suitable career since he’ll easily be getting the warmth towards the London games.
3. Swimmer Ryan Lochte , Daytona Beach FL and 4. Michael Phelps Baltimore, MD
This lean, muscular, dynamic duo is towards the top of their game. With 22 Olympic medals between the pair of them (Phelps, 16 and Lochte, 6), they’ve proven they’re better, faster, more powerful, and warmer than all of the relaxation.
5. Sprinter Wallace Spearmon, Chicago IL
His eco-friendly eyes and effective legs are certain to provide anybody having a runner’s high.
6. Freestyle Wrestler Jordan Burroughs, Camden NJ
While Burroughs is going to be concentrating on taking home gold working in london, audiences is going to be longing to visit a couple of models with this particular reigning freestyle world champion.
7. Decathlete Trey Hardee, Birmingham AL
Not just a leader for that track and area summer time games, Hardee’s aficionado body hurdles every other contender with a lengthy shot.
8. Gymnast Chris Brooks, Houston Texas
Don’t allow the Lycra fool you. Under that sleek leotard is definitely an amazingly chiseled physique. And his smile is not bad either.
9. Diver Troy Dumais, Ventura CA
Although a far more seasoned Olympic athlete with three previous appointments with the Summer time Games, watching his springboard strength and stamina never will get old.
10. Water Polo Goalie Merrill Moses , Harbor City CA
At 6-feet-3, Moses assisted America collect silver within the 2008 Beijing Games. Despite his go swimming cap, watching his tenacious sports saves elevate this is of scoring to some entirely unique level.