Top 10 nba nicknames all time


Sports and nicknames will always be inseparable. Similar to Hugh Hefner and all his busty Playboy Rabbits. Since the NBA accepted nicknames like “The Large Dipper,” “Houdini of the Hardwood,” and “His Airness,” 1000′s of other monikers happen to be made. Although not every one stuck to the mind of fans all over the globe. Worse, you will find gamers who give themselves nicknames. This is a mortal sin in the art of nickname-giving. Fortunately, you will find several current gamers who own awesome nicknames.


This might have been on the upper 1 / 2 of the list otherwise for the player who is the owner of it: Martell Webster. He was handed the nickname clearly due to his surname. Webster is a well-liked dictionary and dictionary has definitions. Ergo, &ldquoThe Definition.&rdquo This really is appropriate for any celebrity like Kobe Bryant or Lebron simply because they really define the game. Still, it may sound really badass and that we can’t ignore that.

9. J-SMOOVE &ndash JOSH Cruz

The cheesy integration of the words &ldquosmooth&rdquo and &ldquomove&rdquo might throw you off a little, however when you observe how Josh Smith plays, you will be 100% convinced. He’s the George Gervin 2.. The way he slides in the air before tossing off a thunderous dunk is just wonderful. The way he stalks before rejecting a breakaway lay-up is so jaw-shedding. Smith’s moves are softer than Michael Jackson’s silk panties!


Beware sinners! It’s the &ldquoBlack Jesus!&rdquo The nickname is straight from an And-1 Mix Tape. The Black Jesus emits a you-don’t-want-to-mess-with-me-or-else-I’ll-spite-you vibe. Maybe Amare Stoudemire really has Jesus’ forces since it is magic how he made it two knee surgical procedures and play as though he’s the springs of the senior high school player. Let’s wait and watch if he is able to continue his Messianic abilities and be the Suns’ playoff messiah.


This sounds funny if this first reverberates inside your ear. But when you consider it, it perfectly describes how Ron Artest plays defense&mdashlike a straitjacket! You will never move freely as he is protecting you together with his wide body and powerful physique. However again, additionally, it may prevent the Sacramento Nobleman veteran. &ldquoThe Straitjacket&rdquo also fits him due to his mental-institution-worthy moments off and on the court.


This nickname never will get old even when the movie it took it’s origin from has already been 3,104 years of age. Shawn Marion was handed this moniker due to the way he apparently suspends time ala Neo together with his high-wire-above-the-rim attacks. Marion must show pick up though that he’s still certainly one of the NBA’s elite. He continues to have the energy to attract more and more people to look at the Warmth&mdasha obvious opposite to Keanu Reeves and the box office flops.


Forget Wesley Snipes. Forget individuals knifes the thing is on Home Shopping shows. The only blade you need to remember is Brandon Roy. The nickname was selected among records inside a contest carried out by Slam Magazine and it is actually a champion. &ldquoThe Blade&rdquo is apt for Roy’s sharp and cutthroat game. This creates another level for the Tigard Trailblazers in the sense that Roy is definitely the one cutting grass and blazing the trail for the team.


Jamario Moon is the only rookie about this list. That states a great deal about him while he had been given a bangin’ nickname in only his newbie in the NBA. The moniker clearly plays off his surname. The 70s moon buggy was named Apollo and the 33 was put into include his jersey number. His finesse and the amazing hang time will even help remind you of males walking on the moon. A nickname never seemed so Grade 1 Science.


Exactly what do you receive whenever you incorperate your initials as well as your jersey number? A awesome nickname! Well, it will help if the sum is really a rifle. A Russian rifle for any Russian player! This fits Andrei Kirilenko to some T with the way he fires record bullets across the board. The initials-jersey number formula does not work with other people but him. Did he deliberately choose number 47 coupled with a fantastic experience that somebody will develop &ldquoAK-47&rdquo?


Credit Shaquille O’Neal for that one. Paul Pierce’s nickname is most likely the most threatening in the NBA today. It’s the alpha and the omega. The finish-all and the be-all. It’s infallible! Paul Pierce is the truth and also you can’t do anything whatsoever about this. His consistent amounts throughout his 10-year career justify that his mad game isn’t a lie. No, I will not use the clich&eacute-pun-intended &ldquoThe Truth sets you free&rdquo line on that one.


&ldquoHibachi,&rdquo &ldquoBlack Leader,&rdquo &ldquoEastern Assassin,&rdquo call him up anything you want, not one other nickname tied to Gilbert Arenas than &ldquoAgent Zero.&rdquo This can be kickass since he is really the top agent of the Magicians. A great agent always finds methods to solve problems and try to has the guts to consider matters into their own hands. That’s how Arenas plays. This is exactly why he’s &ldquoAgent Zero.&rdquo Now, if he is able to only bet additional numbers as an All-Star again and not simply be Agent Zero Impact.

Kobe Bryant Top 10 nba nicknames all time

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