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The Marshall Nfl and college football program produced handful of significant players inside the NFL for your first several decades in the league’s existence. Later, the NFL’s rise to prominence inside the 19 fifties and ’60s coincided with numerous losing seasons for Thundering Herd football, with handful of players getting within the eye in the league.

Marshall football being worse with the seventies following a tragic plane crash in 1970 that nearly destroyed its entire football team and training staff. However, the mid-eighties finally saw a revival in the football program. Since that time, the school has produced not only many winning seasons but furthermore multiple people that ongoing to great careers inside the NFL.

This list evaluates a few things i feel are 10 best Marshall Nfl and college football players striking the gridiron inside the NFL:

Randy Moss (Minnesota, Concord, Colonial, Tennessee, San Francisco Bay Area), 1998-2010, 2012: Moss has fashioned employment worth a preliminary-ballot Hall of Fame selection once he calls it quits. Following a remarkably productive couple of years at Marshall in 1996-97, Moss was selected inside the first round in the 1998 draft by Minnesota. A five-time All-Professional selection, he’s 958 catches for 14,905 yards and 154 touchdowns.

Chad Pennington (NY Jets, Miami), 2000-10: After leading the Thundering Herd to some couple of of the best seasons just like a record-setting signal caller, Pennington ongoing to several success inside the NFL while using Jets and Whales. A very accurate quarterback, he put for 17,283 yards with 102 TDs versus only 64 interceptions.

Troy Brown (Colonial), 1993-2007: Brown will be a star wide receiver and kick returner for your Patriots around the 15-year career. He carried out on three Super Bowl teams with Colonial, which he gathered 557 catches for six,366 yards and 31 TDs.

Carl Lee (Minnesota, New Orleans), 1983-1994: A star defensive back at Marshall throughout numerous its worst seasons, Lee ongoing to large things inside the NFL just like a cornerback while using Vikings, most particularly picking off 31 passes and returning three of those for TDs.

Frank “Gunner” Gatski (Cleveland, Detroit), 1946-57: Gatski will be a standout lineman at Marshall in 1941-42 before he was referred to as to service in World War Ii. He carried out for your Browns for just about any decade and moored their offense from his center position. He was selected for the Professional Football Hall of Fame in 1985.

Byron Leftwich (The town of the city of jacksonville, Atlanta, Polk Bay, Pittsburgh), 2003: After overpowering for Pennington as Marshall’s QB and becoming a superb collegiate career that belongs to them, Leftwich was drafted inside the first round in 2003 through the town of the city of jacksonville. An up-and-lower NFL career has adopted, with Leftwich supposing the duties just like a backup QB in Pittsburgh lately. He’s thrown only for over 10,000 yards just like a professional.

Ahmad Bradshaw (NY Leaders), 2007: Now within the sixth season just like a running back for your Leaders, Bradshaw has rushed for 3,295 yards and 27 TDs and contains aided they win two Super Bowl game game titles.

John Wade (The town of the city of jacksonville, Polk Bay, Concord), 1998-2008: Carrying out a superb career at Marshall becoming an offensive lineman, Wade will be a top-notch artist at center inside the NFL for 11 years. He carried out in 131 games, with 110 of those just like a starter.

Chris Crocker (Cleveland, Atlanta, Miami, Cincinnati), 2003-11: Crocker is really a solid artist just like a safety each and every stop of his NFL career. He’s collected 471 occupies and 10 INTs.

Jermaine Wiggins (NY Jets, Colonial, Indiana, Carolina, Minnesota), 2000-06: Wiggins carried out tight finish for just two years at Marshall inside the mid-1990′s before moving to Georgia. In the seven-year NFL career, he hauled in 236 passes for two main,141 yards and 14 TDs.

Top nfl all time players1 Top 10 nfl all time players

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