Top 10 nhl agitators all time


While using NHL’s new rule book marketing more finish-to-finish action, there is less fighting and fewer options that to acquire a rival off his game. That isn’t saying the function in the pest went the obvious method of Garth Snow’s shoulder pads. Rather, current day agitator will need to take proper care of the play — and also the running mouth — lest he find themselves commuting between minor league outposts.

While our report on top agitators ranges in the Hall of Famer to have an active player with under 250 career NHL games, undoubtedly most candidates tend to be more familiar with the area than adoring fan mail. Basically, regardless of after they carried out, fundamental necessities types of players rivals dislike and teammates love.

1. Claude Lemieux

Career: 1983-2003 (Montreal, Nj, Colorado, Phoenix, Dallas)

Frequently recognized to since the game’s ultimate pest, the incessant needler and rugged forward made blood stream boil — and sometimes overflow. The pummeling Lemieux needed consequently of Darren McCarty inside the 1996 2010 national football league 2010 nfl playoffs (retribution for Lemieux’s vicious hit on Kris Draper) was punishment many felt was extended overdue.

2. Esa Tikkanen

Career: 1984-99 (Edmonton, NY Rangers, St. Louis, Nj, Vancouver, Florida, Washington)

As if Wayne Gretzky & Co. needed any help in Edmonton, Tikkanen frequently engaged the opposition to the level of opening the ice for that type of the fantastic One and Jari Kurri. It did not take extended for your hard-driving Finn being fan favorite — and Enemy No. 1 of people inside the other sweater.

3. Ken Linseman

Career: 1978-92 (Philadelphia, Edmonton, Boston, Toronto)

The “Rat” made certain to enter the last shots while annoying his opponent up minimizing the ice. Linseman’s antics frequently brought to simply the retaliatory infraction being referred to as, further incensing his targets — who frequently spent the comfort of the sport preoccupied with searching to obtain even.

4. Sean Avery

Career: 2001-present (Detroit, La)

The active King Pest, Avery remains billed with spewing derogatory remarks on several occasion. He’s making lots of pals that Nashville’s Darcy Hordichuk suggested Avery’s own teammates desire to pummel him. Avery remains referred to as a chicken together with an inexpensive-shot artist, but he’s always taking somebody in the ice with him.

5. Tie Domi

Career: 1989-present (Toronto, NY Rangers, Winnipeg)

While his capacity to cooperation punches will forever function as stuff of legend, Domi’s large mind (around the 5-10 frame) and childish grin cause him to appear as being a rather annoying kids favourite. Opposing enforcers don’t find any humor when taking a fist for the noggin — or when Domi goads them into losing the mitts, then decides to turtle.
6. Matthew Barnaby

Career: 1992-present (Zoysia, Pittsburgh, Polk Bay, NY Rangers, Colorado, Chicago)

Barnaby features a knack for laughing for the most part peculiar occasions, further compelling catcalls. Despite pestering an adversary in to a healthy bout, he is constantly agitate on his approach to the area. It is no surprise he is considered the most hated players inside the league.

7. Bobby Clarke

Career: 1969-84 (Philadelphia)

Once you have beneath the skin from the opposing player and drawing an issue, Clarke usually assisted round the ensuing energy-play goal. When the opponent needed exception to Clarke’s tactics and looked for towards the score, he was usually welcomed having a range of Broad Street Bullies. So, it absolutely was frequently a lose-lose situation for your males inside the opposite jersey.

8. Tyson Nash

Career: 1998-present (St. Louis, Phoenix)

The 247th pick inside the 1997 draft, Nash paid out his dues by trading four years inside the minors. In the last six seasons, this ball of a person’s remains making rivals give the cost with constant badgering, face washes and take care of assessments. Nary a big change passes without him trying to rattle somebody’s nerves.

9. Pat Verbeek

Career: 1982-01 (Nj, Hartford, NY Rangers, Dallas, Detroit)

He wasn’t referred to as small Ball of Hate as they assigned 1,000 career points. His endless number of hooks, injections, slashes and wise cracks supported his offensive prowess. ‘Beeker truly will be a player the opposition loved to hate. Opposing players required to take inventory after the sport to make sure they still had all of the amounts.

10. Tony Leswick

Career: 1945-58 (NY Rangers, Detroit, Chicago)

Small (5-7) even with the standard of his era, “Mighty Mouse” was the super pest in the Original Six. There has been plenty of hard feelings and apparently endless blood stream-stained run-inches using the type of superior talents Maurice Richard and (before becoming his teammate) Gordie Howe.

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