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Articles within the Dallas News lately named Steve Ott from the Dallas Stars because the best agitator within the NHL, observing the Stars lately made him their alternate captain. The Dallas newspaper stated the title accustomed to fit in with Sean Avery, but he “went within the line”.

The Dallas paper stated Avery is persona non grata within the Stars locker room and reviled by Stars fans but Ott is seen like a hero. The content on agitators stated Phoenix Coyotes coach Wayne Gretzky is continually attempting to keep youthful agitator Daniel Carcillo under systems.

The content also made special reference to Claude Lemieux, now creating a comeback using the Sa Jose Sharks. Within the Dallas Stars blog, Richard Durrett known as Ott the “Agitator Extraordinaire” making an item of departing Avery off his list.

Sean Avery is on nearly everybody’s listing of top ten agitators, apparently, usually within the No. 1 position.

Sean Avery isn’t alone if this involves unwanted pests within the NHL. Gamers like Ken Linseman and Esa Tikkanen made a skill from the role of agitator, goading their competitors into stupid retaliatory penalties using the sharpness of the tongue, or having a well-disguised slash or spear.

Avery is cast within the same mold because these annoying pioneers.

Agitators are extremely popular within the new NHL, states Greg Cimilluca of He states most teams want for your “sandpaper” type player who’s going to obtain underneath the skin from the opposition like Ryan Kesler in Vancouver, with a respectable 36 points, including 20 goals, in addition to Jarkko Ruutu and Jordin Tootoo, with 16 and 18 points for his or her team.

He states Maxim Lapierre has proven some skill to choose his grit in the time track of Montreal. So has Sean Avery since he first donned a Rangers jersey in New You are able to. “I believe most hated still would go to Avery,” he states.

Hockey has always had agitators or enforcers, past and offer, plus they are the most annoying gamers around the ice once the team you cheer for plays against them, based on Mihai Cercel of

Once they play for the team, you like an agitator who are able to spark things from a battle or simply draw a vital penalty to obtain a few of the other team’s top gamers from the ice and along the way provide your team top of the hands and possibly have it from a funk.

Sean Avery appears to possess among the nastiest reputations among present day agitators, Cercel states.

“Avery is a reasonably skilled player and makes important contributions to his team not just by fighting, safeguarding a few of the star gamers, but by also skating hard, playing defense and many important getting the opportunity to score&mdashand score key goals sometimes.”

A few years ago, Tom Layberger of Sports Highlighted chose to make this top ten listing of hockey playing unwanted pests within the NHL.

1. Claude Lemieux: 1983-2003 (Montreal, Nj, Colorado, Phoenix, Dallas)
Lemieux is frequently known to because the game’s ultimate pest.

2. Esa Tikkanen: 1984-99 (Edmonton, NY Rangers, St. Louis, Nj, Vancouver, Florida, Washington)
Tikkanen frequently engaged the opposition to the stage of open the ice for the kind of the truly amazing One and Jari Kurri.

3. Ken Linseman: 1978-92 (Philadelphia, Edmonton, Boston, Toronto)
The “Rat”‘s antics frequently led to just the retaliatory infraction being known as, further incensing his targets — who frequently spent the relaxation of the overall game preoccupied with looking to get even.

4. Sean Avery: 2001-present (Detroit, La, New You are able to Rangers, Dallas)
The King Pest, Avery’s always taking somebody from the ice with him.

5. Tie Domi: 1989-present (Toronto, NY Rangers, Winnipeg)
Domi would be a legendary fighter but additionally loved to goad others into shedding the mitts, then choosing to turtle.

6. Matthew Barnaby: 1992-present (Zoysia, Pittsburgh, Polk Bay, NY Rangers, Colorado, Chicago)
Despite pestering a rival right into a healthy bout, he is constantly on the agitate on his method to the field. He is among the most hated gamers within the league.

7. Bobby Clarke: 1969-84 (Philadelphia)
After you have underneath the skin of the opposing player and drawing a problem, Clarke usually aided around the ensuing energy-play goal.

8. Tyson Nash: 1998-present (St. Louis, Phoenix)
Nash makes competitors spend the money for cost with constant badgering, face washes and handle inspections.

9. Pat Verbeek: 1982-01 (Nj, Hartford, NY Rangers, Dallas, Detroit)
The Small Ball of Hate he capped 1,000 career points as well as an endless variety of hooks, injections, slashes and smart cracks.

10. Tony Leswick: 1945-58 (NY Rangers, Detroit, Chicago)
“Mighty Mouse” was the super pest from the Original Six had run-inches with Maurice Richard and Gordie Howe.

SI gives honourable mentions to Theoren Fleury (1988-03) Darius Kasparaitis (1992-present) Ian Laperriere (1993-present) Darcy Tucker (1995-present) and Tiger Williams (1974-88).

Pierre LeBrun, writing for, places Dale Hunter within the No. 1 place of-time agitators, saying, “He’s the man putting on a Quebec Nordiques jersey being chased all around the ice throughout the famous “Good Friday Brawl” using the Montreal Canadiens in April 1984.”

He crosschecked Pierre Turgeon in to the boards as they was honoring a playoff-series-clinching goal in 1993 and Turgeon experienced a shoulder separation. Hunter was hit having a 21-game suspension.

Hunter had 1,020 points and three,565 penalty minutes in 1,407 regular-season games.

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