Top 10 nhl jerseys 2012


Here’s a listing of my top ten current NHL jerseys. I think you’ll enjoy.

10. Montreal Canadiens

Like the majority of Original 6 teams, this jersey has not transformed much through the years.

9. Edmonton Oilers

After many years of attempting to make the deep blue and copper colors work, Edmonton finally returned for their originals.

8. Vancouver Canucks

They have had a few of the worst jerseys in NHL history, but that one works. Nowhere and eco-friendly fit perfectly together.

7. Detroit Red Wings

These jerseys have barely transformed with time. True classics.

6. Buffalo Sabres

I really like the deep blue and yellow together. Additionally they finally cut back their original logo design this past year.

5. New York Rangers

The deep blue jersey above is really their alternate jersey, and that i like it. The diagonal lettering has made an appearance around the Rangers’ jerseys since the first day of the existence, except for a few years once they attempted switching up.

4. Los Angeles Nobleman

The black ones had really offered because the Kings’ alternate home jerseys within the last couple of years until this season. I like the black, whitened, and silver.

3. Toronto Maple Leafs

I really like the colours, and that i love the Maple Leaf logo design. The whitened jersey is the alternate jersey this season, but I decided to set it up here to inform you the 2 different logos.

2. Boston Bruins

Easily certainly one of my personal favorite jerseys in sports. I really like the classic logo design, and that i love the colours.

1. Chicago Blackhawks

Frequently known to because the best jersey in sports (their red one), and also the best logo design in sports. I’d need to agree.

Since you may have observed, all the Original 6 teams made my top. Their jerseys are classics and haven’t transformed an excessive amount of through the years. Please provide your own opinions!

Top 10 nhl jerseys 20121 Top 10 nhl jerseys 2012

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