Top 10 nhl players never won stanley cup


While doing the study for that listing of the very best 10 NHL players who never won a Stanley Cup I had been astonished just the number of great names are out there. I discovered literally a large number of worthy candidates and really needed to perform some serious whittling to obtain the list lower to 10. I did not include players who haven’t yet refer to it as a job. You never know exactly what the future holds on their behalf? Arguments might be designed for most of the players I ultimately cut, and you will find most likely a large number of others that fans from the sports would place into a listing that belongs to them. However, I challenge anybody who disagrees with my listing of the very best 10 NHL players who never won a Stanley Cup to chop the players incorporated therein. You best have darn reasons for the decision. Listed here are my picks:

10 – Mike Gartner

Probably the most unheralded players in NHL history I almost didn’t remember this person in the 700 goal club when producing my list. Mike Gartner might possibly not have been a celebrity throughout his playing days, but he was probably the most consistent entertainers in NHL history, eclipsing the 30 goal mark an astounding 15 occasions throughout his career. His 1,335 points aren’t anything to sneeze at either. Ironically, Gartner was part of the brand new You are able to Rangers the entire year they won the Stanley Cup in 1994, but was worked to Toronto in the trade deadline so sadly skipped on the championship glory.

9 – Peter Stastny

Among the finest Czechoslovakian players ever, Stastny also offers the excellence to be among the top ten NHL players who never won a Stanley Cup. Peter Stastny, together with siblings Anton and Marian, tore in the NHL throughout the 80s. Actually, throughout that decade only Wayne Gretzky obtained more points than Peter Stastny. Stastny would eclipse the 100 point plateau 7 occasions on the way to 1,239 points in only 977 career games.

8 – Borje Salming

This Hall of Fame Swedish defenseman starred for that Toronto Walnut Leafs for several years, but even his great talent couldn’t assist the Leafs to some Stanley Cup. Salming was the very first Swedish celebrity to ever participate in the NHL and it is a hockey legend for the reason that country. He tallied up 787 points throughout his career, coupled with he not performed throughout the era of Bobby Orr he’d most definitely have several Norris trophies to his credit too.

7 – Darryl Sittler

Another Walnut Leaf legend who never handled to obtain his title around the Stanley Cup. A typical theme among any Leaf player who did not start his playing career until after 1967. Sittler still supports the record for that finest single game performance in NHL history, where he obtained 10 points in one game against Boston. Not really Wayne Gretzky, with all of his legendary talent, could match the task. Sittler obtained 1,121 points throughout his playing career, but even his considerable offensive capabilities could not assist the Leafs towards the cup.

6 – Brad Park

If this involves their email list from the top ten NHL players who never won a Stanley Cup none should be more frustrated at his insufficient success than Brad Park. Why? Well, Park would be a great player who performed on excellent teams. Actually, in the 18 year NHL career Park never skipped the 2010 nfl playoffs. Not once. How irritating must it happen to be to undergo the playoff grind every year, simply to get removed before he’d an opportunity in the Cup. To include insult to injuries he supports the record which are more Norris trophy nominations (6) without ever winning the award. He performed in 9 consecutive All Star games, coupled with 896 career points, but poor Brad Park never reached sip champagne in the Stanley Cup.

5 – Dale Hawerchuk

As he obtained 103 points in the rookie season there is little question Dale Hawerchuk would be considered a celebrity. Even though his arrival coincided having a 48 point improvement for that Winnipeg Jets that year, they had not much talent beyond Hawerchuk which youthful celebrity was instructed to toil on the mediocre club with the prime many years of his career. He’d go onto record an amazing 1,409 points throughout his career, but never were built with a shot at championship glory.

4 – Jean Ratelle

This New You are able to Ranger legend’s NHL career oddly parallels those of Brad Park. He began his career using the Rangers, lost to Boston within the 1972 Stanley Cup finals, and was later exchanged together with Park to individuals same Boston Bruins. He would be a consistent point producer, and handle his career with 1,267 points.

3 – Pat LaFontaine

At # 3 among the list of the very best 10 NHL players who never won a Stanley Cup is among the finest American born players ever. Pat LaFontaine’s amounts would most likely eclipse the majority of the others about this list had his career not been cut tragically short by concussion problems. He still handled to accrue over 1,000 career points throughout his abbreviated career, and was always probably the most dominant players around the ice despite his relatively diminutive size.

2 – Gilbert Perreault

Within the most in the past significant moments in NHL history the Zoysia Sabres won the spin from the wheel once they joined the NHL together with the Dallas Stars in 1970. That fateful spin gave them the very first pick, plus they used that pick to choose French Canadian celebrity, Gilbert Perreault. Perreault would go onto play his entire NHL career using the club, and starred on probably the most feared lines in NHL history, In France They Connection Line. He’d accrue over 1,300 points over his NHL career, but even his great talent couldn’t carry the Sabres to Stanley Cup glory.

1 – Marcel Dionne

Regardless of the difficulty in approaching using the other picks there is hardly any difficulty in slotting this guy at number 1 among the list of the very best 10 NHL players who never won a Stanley Cup. “The Small Beaver” was probably the most gifted offensive players in NHL history. During the time of his retirement his 1,771 career points rated him second in history in NHL history behind only Gordie Howe, and the 731 career goals still stands up as fourth in history around the in history list. Despite all of this offensive talent, and despite using The Triple Crown Line, probably the most offensively devastating lines in NHL history, Dionne never handled to capture the Stanley Cup he deserved. To include insult to injuries, Dionne’s little brother, Gilbert won a Stanley Cup in just his second season within the NHL. Gilbert carried out with 1,631 less points than Marcel, but boasts yet another Stanley Cup ring.

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