Top 10 tennis players in the world 2012


Because the Open era started in 1968, men’s tennis has witnessed amazing rivalries, captivating matches and apparently perfect gamers. Tennis has transformed within the last couple of years with racket technology and altering standards in player fitness, amongst other things, which makes it hard to label any single player because the finest ever. While each player has led to the overall game in the own way and faced different competitors and conditions, some happen to be better than the others.Right here are 10 from the finest male tennis gamers ever.

Top 10 tennis players in the world 20121 Top 10 tennis players in the world 2012

1. Roger Federer -
Federer tops their email list like a 16-time Grand Slam champion, and six-time ATP World Tour Finals champion. The Swiss star spent 285 days in the No.1 place within the ratings. His versatile and easy game has won him all Grand Jams, including six Wimbledon, five U.S. Open, one French Open, and 4 Australian Open game titles. Many experts and tennis fans were unclear about his position because the finest ever until he taken his first Roland Garros title in ’09. Though he didn’t face Rafael Nadal, probably the most dominant clay court player within the tournament, he hard his place at the very top after he stated in france they Open crown. Furthermore, he’s the only real male player ever to possess arrived at the finals of every Grand Slam a minimum of five occasions.

2. Pete Sampras -

In the career, Sampras won 14 Grand Jams including seven Wimbledon, five U.S. Open, and 2 Australian Open game titles. Sampras held the planet No. 1 ranking for any record 286 days. His serve was among the best the overall game has seen, and the calm and picked up attitude permitted him to dominate for a long time. His fierce rivalries with Andre Agassi and Patrick Rafter thrilled tennis fans. Despite all his achievements, he never was in a position to win a French Open title or achieve the ultimate from the tournament.

3. Rafael Nadal -
Nadal is perhaps the finest clay court player ever with seven French Open game titles. He’s also won 35 singles competitions at first glance. Though he’s seen mainly like a clay court player, he’s handled to win all Grand Jams – he’s 11 game titles — all while facing competition from best for example Federer and Novak Djokovic. Also, he holds a coveted Olympic gold medal in the 2008 Beijing Games. Much more impressive, Nadal keeps a superb 18-9 mind-to-mind record against Federer.

4. Rod Laver –
An 11-time Grand Slam champion, Laver would be a dominant pressure within the sixties. Both in 1962 and 1969, he won the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and U.S. Open within the same year. He’s the only real player on view era to complete this type of task.

5. Bjorn Borg -

Borg’s short career incorporated 11 Grand Slam game titles, including six at Roland Garros. He never handled to win the U.S. Open title rather than taken part in the Australian Open, but he was nearly easy within the occasions by which he performed. Though we are able to only speculate, it’s reliable advice which had Borg not upon the market at age 25, he’d have won a lot more game titles.

6. John McEnroe -
Referred to as much for his antics for his tennis, McEnroe would be a seven-time Grand Slam champion. McEnroe had memorable and entertaining rivalries with gamers for example Jimmy Connors and Ivan Lendl, which introduced publicity towards the sport. McEnroe possessed amazing touch, that also permitted him to become a great doubles player. Additionally to his seven singles game titles, McEnroe also won nine doubles Gram Jams.

7. Ivan Lendl –
This eight-time Grand Slam champion held no.1 ranking place for 270 days as a whole. It has only been surpassed by Sampras (286 days) and Federer (285 days). Lendl arrived at the ultimate of Wimbledon two times but never was in a position to capture the grass court win.

8. Jimmy Connors –

Connors performed within an era which comprised on gamers for example John McEnroe, Ivan Lendl, and Bjorn Borg and that he still handled to win eight Grand Slam game titles. He won 109 competitions in the career, a lot more than every other player in tennis history.

9. Andre Agassi -
Agassi had probably the most fascinating tennis careers ever. Despite many good and the bad, he finished his career with eight Grand Slam game titles. He is just one of four tennis gamers to win all Grand Slam competitions, referred to as a career Grand Slam. Agassi’s competition with Sampras remains among the finest in sports and brought to historic and emotional matches.

10. Novak Djokovic -
The present world No. 1 joins their email list with five Grand Slam game titles. In the youthful career, Djokovic has faced an aggressive area with gamers for example Nadal, Federer, and Murray. Despite facing such best, Djokovic has turned into a dominant player around the tour within the 2011 and 2012 seasons. He won 41 straight matches from the beginning of 2011 before the French Open semi-finals, second simply to John McEnroe.

FFor tennis fanatics searching in the photo of Roger Federer, you are most likely thinking I either misinterpret the title with this slideshow, or I am not out of this planet. How could Federer possibly take part in this slideshow? Well, he’s, and that he is not. Allow me to explain. In France They Open, the pivotal tournament from the clay-court season and also the second Grand Slam of the season is really a tournament that serves among the most difficult challenges for tennis gamers. This surface carefully tests the physical and mental strength of who set to conquer it. This is exactly why I made use of a photograph of Roger Federer. As everyone knows there’s without doubt, that Federer goes lower ever among the best gamers ever. But, for a great tennis champion towards the top of his game, the clay doesn’t give any leniency. Up up to now in the career, Federer only has won in france they Open once. He won in ’09. This is actually the theme which was so overwhelming when i carried out research with this project. In France They Open is definitely the Mt. Everest from the tennis world. Here, we’ll have a look at the very top 10 gamers who’ve never adorned the honours ceremony to get the very best prize at Roland Garros. We’ll consider the top 5 males and top 5 women. Don’t hesitate to share your ideas and comments. I am sure you will see some gamers that you simply feel deserve to be their list, so don’t hesitate to share them also.

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