Top 10 US Athletes, Team to watch in Rio


Olympic Rio 2016 is another opportunity for these world-class sports athletes to remake their places as the best ever who couldn’t managed to get working in london 2012. A number of them have previously won titles and medals, but they’re not going to be satisfied. Some, due to their previous achievements, will seem like they might did better working in london.

Using the Closing Ceremony, London will formally pass the Olympic flag onto Rio p Janeiro, the host from the 2016 Summer time Olympic.

Let us discover top ten US Sports athletes or US Team who who’ll want simply to face on the top from the medal chart in South america Olympic Rio 2016.

1. Jordyn Wieber, gymnastics

2. Ryan Lochte, swimming

3. US Men’s Water Polo

4. Elizabeth Price, gymnastics

5. Men’s 100-Meter Dash Relay

6. Men’s four rowing team

7. April Ross, beach volleyball

8. Galen Rupp, track and area

9. Claressa Shields, boxing

10. US Men’s Volleyball Team