Top 10 worst nhl players ever


Perhaps you have ever viewed an NHL game, and saw a person that broke up with you itching your mind how he earned the professionals?

A person which makes Gino Odjick seem like Mario Lemieux?

Through the years the NHL’s expansion has introduced us a water downed product, along with a neutral zone trap, sometimes it’s about as entertaining to look at as Matthew McConaughey carrying out Hamlet.

Because the lockout, the league has attempted to create the overall game more entertaining, though some players remain despite the absence of skill. The players that may fight and score 30-50 goals a season really are a dying breed.

That being stated, I figured I’d have a look in the 10 worst NHL players ever.

10. Mitch Fritz

How Mitch Fritz makes a job in hockey is beyond me.

In juniors, he was your classic situation of the player which was selected due to his size, while more compact, more skilled players were snubbed.

Sure the 6’7″, 242 pounds, winger brings size, but that’s essentially the gist from it because he does little else well, not really fight, that is his primary duty.

Hopefully his 20 game stint using the New You are able to Islanders is going to be his last, although the Phoenix Coyotes gave him a glance this season, and so i will not hold my breath.

9. Hardy Astrom

We are all aware Don Cherry tell a Hardy Astrom tale at some point, and there’s valid reason.

He involved nearly as good at preventing pucks as Tiger Forest reaches remaining faithful.

In 2 seasons within the NHL, Astrom performed 83 games going 17-44-12 having a 3.75 goals against average.

He might be the main reason Cherry never trained again within the NHL.

8. Patrik Stefan

Patrick Stefans career might be summarized by one play from the Edmonton Oilers on The month of january 4, 2007. Stefan skipped and fell on the breakaway towards a clear internet, permitting a play to build up where Ales Hemsky obtained with two seconds left to transmit the overall game to overtime.

The Atlanta Thrashers selected the Czech forward using their first overall pick within the 1999 NHL Entry Draft, and that he paid back them by scoring 59 goals in 414 games. In comparison, Alexander Daigle and John Lawton (who’re two players considered by many people to become large first overall pick busts within the NHL), nearly bending his career points output within the equivalent games.

He upon the market from hockey at 27-years-old following the Dallas Stars chose to not re-sign him, and it is presently a person agent in Laguna Beach, California.

7. Andre Racicot

The strange factor about Andre “Red-colored Light” Racicot was that, despite the fact that everyone appeared to understand he wasn’t an excellent goalkeeper, he still handled to stay using the Montreal Canadiens for 3 seasons and win a Stanley Cup.

Over that point, Racicot went 26-24-8, having a 3.87 goals against along with a .891 save percentage.

Even Carey Cost with an off evening appears like Patrick Roy in comparison towards the one they known as “Red-colored Light.” Sure he’d a fantastic record, but he performed behind some great Habs clubs.

6. Sergei Priakin

As rapidly because he made head lines to be the very first person in the Soviet national hockey team which was granted permission to participate in the NHL, he was headed on the plane to Russia.

Over his brief 46 game stint using the Calgary Flames, Priakin never quite modified towards the United States type of play, and set up just 3 goals and would be a -9.

However, all wasn’t lost, he did get started to permit such great players like Alexander Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin to showcase their talents on hockey’s cleverest stage.

5. Jason Doig

Jason Doig was a complete pressure in junior hockey. At 6’3″, 225 pounds, he could do all of it in the back-finish, yet he could not carry individuals capabilities to the NHL level.

Throughout his 158 games performed within the NHL, he wasn’t an excellent offensive threat in the point, setting up just six goals and 18 assists, and that he wasn’t exactly a shut lower defenseman either.

4. Alexander Svitov

Who? Alexander Svitov was selected third overall within the 2001 NHL Entry Draft behind Ilya Kovalchuk and Jason Spezza, through the Polk Bay Lightning.

Polk was blinded through the Russian centers 6’3″, 245 pounds, frame, but discovered after 74 games he wasn’t the real thing and shipped him to Columbus.

Over 179 NHL games, Svitov obtained an astonishing 13 goals and consistently required stupid penalties.

3. Jason Bonsignore

Charged because the next Mark Messier once the Edmonton Oilers selected him 4th overall within the 1994 NHL Entry Draft, Jason Bonsignore did not even achieve Eric Messier status over his brief 79 game career, scoring just three goals.

The only real factor that saved Edmonton the embarrassment of utilizing their greatest pick ever within the draft at that time on Bonsignore, is they arrived Ryan Smyth just two picks later, at sixth overall.

2. Alek Stojanov

It had not been bad enough the Dallas Stars selected Alek Stojanov seventh overall within the 1991 NHL Entry Draft, however the Pittsburgh Penguins needed to trade Markus Naslund for him too.

Over his 107 NHL game career, Stojanov obtained two goals and 7 points total, while Naslund set up 395 goals and 869 points.

He was labeled like a tough guy who could score being released of juniors after pummeling Eric Lindros inside a fight throughout their draft year and setting up 25 goals in 62 games within the OHL. The only real factor was, he could not fight or score within the NHL.

1. Wade Belak

Wade Belak brings anything to some hockey team than the usual large warm body.

Because the 2005-06 season, Belak has performed 256 games and obtained only one goal. And also at 6’5″, 223 pounds, he should be huge weight fighter, but he does not even do this well.

I am sure he is a superb guy, however ,, when Lanny Gare does not obtain a shot in the NHL and that we have Belak scoring eight goals over his 531 game career so far, it simply does not make sense at all.

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