Top 5 2012 NFL Center Draft Review


1 Peter Konz, Wisconsin&mdashAtlanta Falcons

Week 1 Results: Konz was active but didn’t start.

Summary: After losing the best guard competition, Konz grew to become Atlanta’s general interior line backup. Couple of offensive linemen tend to be more intelligent, but Konz is sort of athletically limited.

The Wisconsin product is a great in-space blocker, but he struggles on view area. Later on, Konz ought to be an above-average beginning center. He should begin in 2013.

2 Gino Gradkowski, Deleware&mdashBaltimore Ravens

Week 1 Results: Gradkowski was active but didn’t start Week 1.

Summary: Already Baltimore’s backup center, Gradkowski has got the flexibility to experience guard too. Over a couple of years, Gradkowski will probably replace Matt Birk at center. It’s difficult not to such as this pick for Baltimore should Gradkowski meet the anticipation looking for him.

3 Ben Jones, Georgia&mdashHouston Texans

Week 1 Results: Jones was active but didn’t start.

Summary: With the preseason, Jones hard themself like a solid interior-line backup. The Georgia product can enjoy both center and guard, supplying valuable flexibility.

Over time, Jones should start at center. But for the time being, he’s a great backup using the versatility to experience multiple positions.

4 Philip Blake, Baylor&mdashDenver Broncos

Week 1 Results: Blake was inactive Week 1.

Summary: Though he’s potential down the road, Blake is not there yet like a player. Eventually, he should have the ability to play either guard or center in a competent level.

5 David Molk, Michigan&mdashSan Diego Battery chargers

Week 1 Results: Molk was active but didn’t start.

Summary: A seventh-round selection, Molk has already been San Diego’s backup center.

Inside a couple of years time, Molk might be beginning. He ought to be a minimum of average, despite being seriously undersized.

Top nfl center draft review1 Top 5 2012 NFL Center Draft Review

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