Top 5 football stadiums in the world


Football Grounds
Football is among the most beloved sports around the world. Whether it’s Asia, America, Europe or Africa football stands on the top from the favorite sports list. For such hugely-loved sport, arenas should be equally wonderful. Although the world is filled with perfectly designed superbly crafted marvelous football stadia I’ve only selected the very best 5 coming from all them. Most of the outstanding grounds haven’t been incorporated within this list as only 5 need to be talked about here. Let me tell you regarding their history, the look, the making and other associated particulars regarding individuals footballs grounds. Let’s take a look at world’s best 5 football grounds.

Top 5 football stadiums in the world Top 5 football stadiums in the world

1. Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (a.k.a. San Siro)
This Italian football stadium is generally referred to as San Siro, though its official title is Stadio Giuseppe Meazza. It’s home ground for two best Italian football clubs Internazionale and AC Milan.
Broke ground: 1925
Opened up: 19th September, 1926
Refurbished: 1956, 1989
Owner: Milan Town
Area dimensions: 105 m X 68 m
Capacity: 80,074
Surface: Grass

Construction started in Milan’s district San Siro in 1925. The stadium was initially named as &ldquoNuovo Stadio Calcistico San Siro&rdquo but was re-named in 1980 in recognition of Giuseppe Meazza (who had been a 2 time World Cup champion).First restoration happened in 1939 then in 1940, 1955, 1956 and 1987. In 1990, the stadium was refurbished once more (for 1990 world cup) with $60 million also it led to using the stadium as much as UEFA 5-star standard. Next, the stadium was refurbished in 2002.
Aside from football matches, this ground has additionally been employed for musical concerts. Great names like Bob Marley, Michael Jackson and Robby Williams carried out here. The stadium has additionally been employed for Boxing and Rugby matches.
San Siro has located Football’s respected event the planet Cup, two times (in 1934 and 1990).

2. Estadio Azteca (Mexico)
This legendary football stadium is situated in Mexico City, Mexico. So far as the title &ldquoAzteca&rdquo is worried, it’s a tribute towards the Aztec heritage of Mexico City. It’s been nicknamed as &ldquoColoso p Santa Ursula&rdquo (meaning colossus of Saint Ursula) because of the large structure of stadium.
Location: Mexico City
Broke ground: 1961
Opened up: 29th May, 1966
Refurbished: 1985
Owner: Televisa
Operator: Club America
Construction cost: MXN$ 260 million
Architect: Pedro Ramirez Vazquez, Rafael Mijares Alcerreca
Area dimensions: 105 m x 68 m
Capacity: 105,000
Surface: grass
Within this celebrated stadium, the 2 football stories Pele and Maradona lifted the trophy during the last time. Notable occasions which have occurred here include 1968 Summer time Olympic games, 1970 FIFA World Cup, 1975 Pan American Games, 1983 World Youth Championship, 1986 FIFA World Cup and 1999 FIFA Confederations Cup.

3. Estadio Centenario(Uruguay)

This stadium is mainly employed for football and it is situated in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Location: Montevideo Uruguay
Broke ground: 21st This summer 1929
Opened up: 18th This summer, 1930
Owner: Municipal
Architect: Juan Antonio Scasso
Capacity: 65235
Just like the Uruguayan National Football team is known, this football stadium is really a legend, too. When Uruguayan team plays at its home ground, almost every other football team is threatened to dying. The house ground always proves perfectly lucky for that national football team of Uruguay
This stadium was essentially designed for hosting the FIFA World Cup 1930. Centenario located many matches such as the semi finals and also the final match of 1930 FIFA World Cup. Major occasions held only at that ground include 1930 FIFA World Cup, Copa America (1942, 1956, 1967 and 1995) and Intercontinental Cup final (1960, 1961, 1966, 1967 and 1971).

4. Estadio Maracana (South america)
It is really an outside football stadium official title which is &ldquoEstadio Jornalista Mario Filho.&rdquo It had been built in 1950.
Location: Rio p Janeiro, South america
Broke ground: second August, 1948
Opened up: 16th June, 1950
Refurbished: 2007
Owner: Rio p Janeiro Condition Government
Architect: Waldir Ramos, Raphael Galvao, Miguel Feldman, Oscar Valdetaro, Pedro Paulo B. Bastos, Orlando Azevedo and Antonio Dias Carneiro
Area dimensions: 110 m x 75 m
Capacity: 82,238
Surface: grass
Tenants: Flamengo, Fluminense, and Vasco
Great architecture, huge area and immense seating capacity make Maracana among the finest classic and historic football arenas. This stadium was designed for the FIFA World Cup 1950 in the middle of Rio p Janeiro. It’s been named (concerning the official title) after late carioca journalist Mario Filho who required a strong stand in support of this stadium’s construction. So far as its popular title Estadio do Maracana is worried, it’s been named following the Maracana neighborhood in Rio p Janeiro.In 1998, this stadium was considered National Landmark and therefore, it can’t be destroyed now. Major football occasions that happened in here include FIFA World Cup 1950, 1989 Copa America, 1963 Intercontinental Cup and FIFA Club World Cup 2000. Apart from football, this stadium has been utilized for reasons like volleyball matches, religious occasions and musical concerts. Celebrities that carried out at Maracana include George Michael, The Moving Gemstones, Gun N’ Roses and Backstreet Boys.

5. Wembley Stadium (England)
This football stadium was opened up in 1923 working in london and was named &ldquoEmpire Stadium.&rdquo In 2007, it had been changed using the &ldquoNew Wembley Stadium.&rdquo Here, I’ll discuss the brand new stadium.
Broke ground: 2000
Built: 2004 &ndash 2006
Opened up: 2007
Owner: The Football Association
Operator: Wembley National Stadium Limited
Construction cost: GBP 798 million
Architect: Promote and Partners, Populous, Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners
Project manager: Symonds
General contractor: Multiplex Buildings (United kingdom) Ltd
Area dimensions: 105 m x 69 m
Capacity: 90,000
Surface: grass
This will probably be a very important stadium this year, 2018 and 2022. It’s also employed for musical concerts, Rugby and American Football. Great entertainers like Metallica, George Michael, Oasis, U2 and Take Which have carried out here.

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