Top 5 mlb strikeout leaders


Essentially stood a dollar for every time Reggie Jackson struck out, I’d be wealthy. Well, less than, but I’d have $2,597. Jackson is Major League Baseball’s all-time strikeouts leader, but additionally, he belongs to the Hall of Fame with 563 career home runs. Even today, the majority of the game’s best sluggers frequently come down on strikes. These five active MLB gamers hold the most career strikeouts. Read quickly, before they improve their totals.

Bobby Abreu, Anaheim Angels (1,722 Ks) &mdash Despite like a career .295 hitter and driving in no less than 100 runs in eight different seasons, the strikeouts have added up for Abreu over 16 MLB seasons. It doesn’t help for those who have gone lower on strikes no less than 100 occasions in the last 13 seasons.

Adam Dunn, Chicago White-colored Sox (1,756 Ks) &mdash Dunn might be the best all-or-nothing slugger. He’s cracked no less than 38 home runs in all the last seven seasons while striking out no less than 164 occasions in each and every of people seasons. Additionally, Dunn has introduced the league in strikeouts three occasions and earnings 186 whiffs per 162 games.

Mike Cameron, Florida Marlins (1,872 Ks) &mdash Unlike another gamers relating to this list, the well-traveled Cameron’s strikeouts over-shadow his production. Cameron, who’s employment .249 hitter with 273 career home runs, has averaged 158 strikeouts around the full season of games within the 17-year MLB career.

Alex Rodriguez, New You’ll be able to Yankees (1,903 Ks) &mdash Whenever A-Rod’s career is carried out, he may be the all-time leader in strikeouts. He may be the MLB homer king, too. Rodriguez went lower on strikes no less than 100 occasions in 12 different seasons, but he’s won three MVP honours, too.

Jim Thome, Minnesota Twins (2,433 Ks) &mdash The big lefty slugger has drenched 21 MLB seasons and introduced the league in strikeouts three occasions, including in 2001 because he whiffed employment-high 185 occasions. However, Thome has introduced the league in walks three occasions and contains 596 career home runs.

Top 5 mlb strikeout leaders1 Top 5 mlb strikeout leaders

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