Top 5 Most Famous American Athletes in Olympic 2012


Who’s the most popular American athlete who rules with fame in Olympic 2012? Sure, you might have already Researched pictures of Hope Solo or Alex Morgan, however when it involves sexy U.S. Olympians, trust us, they are only the tip from the iceberg. They do not refer to it as “America the gorgeousInch for free.

Natalie Coughlin

Natalie Coughlin, the 3rd lady about this list to possess made an appearance on Dwts, is very simply drop dead gorgeous. Oh, and she’s also an excellent swimmer. She’s an 11-time Olympic medalist, as well as in 2008, she grew to become the very first female U.S. Olympian in modern history to win six medals in a single Games. Make no mistake about this, Natalie Coughlin is really as gifted as she’s sexy.

Lolo Johnson

Lolo Johnson is frequently mistaken to be the sister of Parks & Recreation’s Rashida Johnson. This is an easy mistake, as they are both absurdly hot. Sadly, Lolo, whose real title is Lori, almost did not reach the 2010 games. This Year, she went through surgery for any connected spinal-cord. However, only a year later, Lolo is going to be running her heart in London so that they can win her country a gold medal.

Alex Morgan

After her impressive World Cup debut this year, Alex Morgan is a mainstay not just in the press, but additionally within the minds of males the country over. Though she was nominated for any 2012 ESPY for Breakthrough Athlete of the season, that isn’t why most males remember Ms. Morgan. No, we often remember Alex in the pages of the past year’s Sports Highlighted Bathing suit Problem, where she made an appearance in body fresh paint. Goal!

Morgan Beck

Morgan Beck is warmer than most models and is the perfect athlete than most males. This preposterously attractive standout volleyball player is searching to win her first Olympic medal this season working in london. And when she in some way fails to do this, we’ll be waiting to prepare her an intimate meal and purchase her a pleasant wine bottle to cheer her up.

Hope Solo

Hope Solo, possibly the renowned female Olympian within this year’s games, has in lots of ways transcended her sport. It was never more apparent than when she managed to get towards the semifinals within the thirteenth season of ABC’s Dwts. Having a model’s body and piercing blue eyes, Hope’s adorned the web pages of numerous men’s magazines since winning her first gold medal within the 2008 games. We only hope when she’s ever solo, she’ll call us.

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