Top 5 nba ugliest players


Fed up with slideshows featuring the most amazing spouses of sports athletes or cheerleaders? Not, since i have never get fed up with them.

What about a brand new subject? Let us have a look in the ugliest NBA players ever, in no particular order. Unlike popular belief, their list was really harder to produce than I was expecting.

They are in no particular order.

Tyrone Hill

Hill is an from the toughest-working players in NBA history. Not probably the most gifted player, but he led in lots of aspect this type of defense, hustle, and leadership. Still, he did not possess the lovliest of mugs.

Mike Cassell

Cassell was among the finest point pads in the early many a person who had been never afraid to accept last shot. While an important estimate Houston’s championship years, individuals who doubt that aliens are available only need think about picture of Cassell.

Paul Mokeski

Mokeski would be a typical journeyman player who performed 12 seasons and averaged four points and three rebounds a game title.

Manute Bol

Bol would be a large shot blocker along with a decent three-point shooter, although not anything else.

Popeye Johnson

Dang…I recieve scared just searching only at that picture. Being an sufficient basketball player, Jones performed within the NBA for some time, mainly because of his rebounding ability.
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