Top 5 nhl worst draft picks


5. Tie: Jonathan Ericsson, Detroit Red Wings (9th round, 291st overall in 2002) and Patric Hornqvist, Nashville Predators (7th round, 230th overall in 2005)

In the National football league, they call men like Ericsson and Hornqvist “Mr. Irrelevant.” These were literally the final player taken in their particular drafts, and the truth that they are regular NHL gamers, getting performed in all of their teams’ games this year, is actually pretty amazing.

What’s much more amazing is the fact that they are really pretty decent NHL gamers. Hornqvist has 11 points this year, ninth around the team and tied for third in goals. Ericsson has 10 points in the blue line. I suppose you’d take that from a man you selected like a mere formality, huh?

The lesson here: If you are picking last, choose a Swede.

4. Shea Weber, Nashville Predators (2nd round, 49th overall in 2003)

The truth is that, another-round pick most likely should not be among the five best picks from the decade, but c’mon, it’s Shea Weber! He was the 14th defenseman taken in that excellent draft class, behind names like Suter, Coburn, Phaneuf, Seabrook, Burns, Stuart, Belle, Richmond, Egener, Klein, Ramholt, Smaby and Carle. That’s not necessarily a bad group to obtain drafted behind (well, except Egener and Ramholt I guess), but Weber switched to be the greatest from the bunch.

He is able to score, he’s a great shutdown defenseman, and essentially whenever you can aquire a no-doubt Olympian 49th overall, you are doing okay. In fact, four from the five defensemen Nashville drafted in 2003 make the NHL.

3. Johan Franzen, Detroit Red Wings (3rd round, 97th overall in 2004)

Obtaining a 30-goal player in the 3rd round is not bad. You get one that physically terrorizes defensemen and goalies alike is really a large bonus. You get one that becomes a killer in the 2010 nfl playoffs is amazing.

You’ll need men like Franzen in your team because while he’s not really a celebrity, he’s a top-notch second-line guy that will score a great deal and try taking some pressure of the top gamers, and that’s nearly as important.

Franzen, like Ericsson and Hank Zetterberg, is just one of individuals stereotypical “where’d this Scandinavian guy originate from?Inch Red Wings picks which has every Detroit fan cackling with glee and almost every other fan kicking themselves their stupid, stupid team handed down him four occasions.

2. Mark Streit, Montreal Canadiens (9th round, 262nd overall in 2004)

Again, a ninth-round pick making the NHL is one thing to become celebrated in and of itself. A really impressive task. Sure, Streit only managed to get towards the NHL at age 28. But during the period of three seasons in Montreal, Streit grew to become among the best defensemen in the Eastern Conference and, in his final year using the team, obtained 14 goals and 39 assists.

However, many known as him an item from the system because the Habs had the very best energy play in the league that year and some scoffed once the Islanders signed him to large money lengthy-term. So he demonstrated the naysayers wrong by scoring three more goals and only six less points in seven less games, and finished an advantage-5. Around The 2008-09 ISLANDERS.

Streit was a fantastic pick.

1. Henrik Lundqvist, New You are able to Rangers (7th round, 205th overall in 2000)

Yeah, I understand that many goalies which are taken in the late models are pretty much just lengthy-shots you choose to fill space in your draft board and you are doing backflips if he becomes anything approaching a good guy that may maybe threaten to create an NHL roster at some point.

Most teams could be thrilled to possess a seventh-round goalkeeper turn to be an NHL backup. So what about tugging lower among the top-five goalies in the league during the last 4 years?

Lundqvist is obviously excellent. He’s never finished the growing season having a GAA above 2.43 and didn’t have a save percentage below .912. At 27 years of age, he already has 21 shutouts. Much more impressive is the fact that he’s been in the very best 10 in shots faced in each one of the last four seasons.

Look, I do not have to sell yourself on the man. You’d love Henrik Lundqvist in case your team selected him first overall. To ensure that the Rangers got him after 204 other gamers got selected is the reason why him the very best draft choice by anybody this decade.

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