Top 5 World Fastest Mens Olympic 100-meter Dashes


World Fastest Men in 100-meter Dashes Usain Bolt and fellow Jamaican Yohan Blake start their mission for gold within the 100-meter dash with preliminary models Saturday, August. 4. The finals are the very next day. Bolt already supports the world record and Olympic record in case.

Compare occasions of 10 from the fastest runs in men’s Olympic history.:

1) Usain Bolt, 9.69 seconds, Beijing 2008: Bolt is within London protecting his title, but additionally his Olympic record. The world was brought to the youthful Jamaican phenom 4 years ago as he blitzed the area with what ended up being additionally a world record of 9.69 seconds within the finals.

2) Donovan Bailey, 9.84 seconds, Atlanta 1996: Canadian Donovan Bailey required the gold in Atlanta having a then-Olympic record of 9.84 seconds. The objective would stand 12 years until Bolt required in China. The objective was Bailey’s best run of his career by .07 seconds.

3) Usain Bolt, 9.85 seconds, Beijing 2008: Bolt just skipped tying the Olympic mark within the first semifinals in Beijing before shaving of some other .16 seconds for that final. Bolt placed on an incredible display for fans living as much as his surname two times in a single day.

4) Justin Gatlin, 9.85 seconds, Athens 2004: Before Bolt required over sprints, Justin Gatlin from the U . s . States won gold in Athens by nearly tying the Olympic record. Gatlin may be the fastest current American runner, because he had a time period of 9.80 seconds in the Olympic tests captured.

5) Francis Obikwelu, 9.86 seconds, Athens 2004: The guy who arrived second to Gatlin in 2004 accomplished it by .01 seconds within the nearest finishes in Olympic history. Francis Obikwelu of Portugal required the silver in Athens.

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