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The overall game of figure skating does not only stress athleticism and technical perfection but furthermore artistic expression. This can be my report on history’s ten finest males singles figure skaters who’ve proven themselves in many these aspects, and on the way, won many world and/or Olympic game game titles.

1. Ulrich Salchow (Sweden)

Salchow almost completely centered figure skating with the first decade in the last century. Getting won ten World game game titles (1901-05, 1907-11), that’s an archive he describes to Sonja Henie, this figure skater has won more World game game titles than any male figure skater ever, Also, he won nine European game titles (1898-1900, 1904, 1906-1907, 1909-1910, 1913) known as the first Olympic champion when the figure skating event was incorporated within the 1908 Summer season Olympic games. In the competition in 1909, he first completed a rise in that they needed off round the back inside edge and showed up alternatively foot’s back inside edge this jump would eventually be named after him.

2. Karl Schafer (Austria)

A seven-time World (1930-1936), eight-time European (1929-1936) together with a 2-time Olympic champion (1932, 1936). Very gifted and versatile, also, he carried out excellent violin and was national breaststroke champion of Austria for quite a while.

3. Richard Dick Button (United states . States)

Truly the most effective and lots of popular skaters ever. Dick Button can be a five-time World champion (1948-1952), seven -time US champion (1947-1952), the only American to win two consecutive Olympic game game titles (1948, 1952) as well as the only American to win the eu game titles in 1956, when non-Males and ladies continued to be as allowed to compete. By winning the 1948 Olympic title, he increased being the youngest guy to even win the figure skating gold within the Olympics at 18. He’s the initial skater to effectively perform double axel together with a triple jump (the triple loop). He’s the first skater to accomplish the camel spin as well as the creator in the flying camel spin referred to as &ldquoButton Camel&rdquo after him. He’s a figure skating commentator for ABC Sports since 1962 which is much well-noted for his direct and sometimes caustic evaluation of skaters’ performances.

4. Scott Hamilton (United states . States)

The champion of four consecutive World game titles (1981-1984), four consecutive US Game titles (1981-1984) as well as the 1984 Olympic gold. Scott Hamilton has overcome many obstacles around, getting been struck becoming an adult getting a mysterious illness that triggered him to avoid growing (he elevated only to 5 ft 2 &frac12 inches tall), almost instructed to stop skating at 18 due to financial limitations, and fought against much-marketed testicular cancer in 1997. He’s most broadly noted for his creativity and fascinating personas whenever he works.

5. Evgeni Plushenko (Russia)

His competitive record to become a five-time European champion (2000-01, 2003, 2005-06), three-time World champion (2001, 2003-04) as well as the 2006 Olympic gold medallist certainly makes him the most effective skaters that Russia ever produced. Evgeni Plushenko will be a lot renowned for his exceptional technical abilities, being among the handful of male skaters to accomplish the Biellman spin. He appeared to become consistently landing numerous quadruple, quadruple-triple and quadruple-triple-double jump combinations effectively in primary competitions.

6. Alexei Yagudin (Russia)

An excellent skater to depart Russia. Alexei Yagudin won the earth game titles five occasions (1998-2000, 2002), the eu game titles three occasions (1998-1999, 2002) as well as the 2002 Winter Olympic gold. Inside the 2002 Games, he increased being the initial male skater in fifty years to obtain first-place ranks of the numerous judge in many your competitors stages. Also, he acquired four perfect 6. marks for presentation few other male skater had ever received several perfect mark inside the good status for that Olympics.

7. Brian Boitano (United states . States)

The initial American to effectively land a triple axel. Brian Boitano introduced so what can become his trademark jump, the &ldquoTano triple lutz, in which the left arm is elevated within the mind. His athleticism and technical capabilities aided pressed the technical restrictions of males&rdquos skating, and won him four US (1985-1988), World (1986, 1988) as well as the 1988 Olympic game game titles.

8. Kurt Browning (Canada)

A four World championship (1989-91, 1993) and 4 Canadian national (1989-91, 1993) titlist. Within the 1988 Budapest World game titles, he increased being the initial ever skater to land a quadruple jump cleanly competing.

9. Elvis Stojko (Canada)

A karate black belt at 16 together with a 3-time World champion (1994-95, 1997), seven-time Canadian national champion (1994, 1996-2000 and 2002) together with a 2-time Olympic silver medalist (1994, 1998). Elvis Stojko increased being the initial guy to land the quadruple-double combination within the 1991 Cell phone industry’s together with a quadruple-triple combination within the 1997 Grand Prix Finals.

10. Viktor Petrenko (USSR/Unified Team/Ukraine)

Upon doctor’s recommendation to get familiar with a task that will improve his health insurance strength while he was quite sickly becoming an adult, his parents enrolled him in figure skating. Viktor Petrenko would look at win the 1992 World game titles and European championship three occasions (1990-91, 1994). Also, he played for your Unified Team inside the 1992 Winter Olympics and won, therefore becoming the initial guy within the former Ussr to create the gold medal in singles figure skating.

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