Top Most Popular Sports in America


You may have a debate concerning the most popular sports in America. DME wondered aloud why hockey was considered the fourth major sport while he thought more and more people attended/ adopted other sports like golf and tennis over hockey. This motivated a disagreement between DME along with a girl which was sitting near us concerning the merits and passion for hockey. Well, I made the decision to appear up, do you know the most popular sports in America. Do People in america enjoy golf and tennis and maybe even Dale earnhardt jr . over hockey?

Rank- League- Average Attendance Per Bet on League

1) Dale earnhardt jr .- 200,000 – 300,000

2) National football league- 67,738

3) FBS- 46,971

4) Major league baseball- 32,717

5) MLS- 16,464

6) National basketball association- 17,394

7) NHL- 17, 265

8) AFL- 12,415

9) WNBA- 8,039

10) NCAAB- 5,277

However, fan attendance does not tell the whole story. 1) Lots of fan will watch games on television, therefore it is feasible that the game could have a high attendance but low recognition elsewhere- or the other way around 2) Some sports (i.e. the brand new Cowboys Stadium) might just have bigger arenas than other sports

Therefore, the most popular sports in America looks a little diverse from attendance amounts:

1) National football league

2) Major league baseball

3) FBS

4) Dale earnhardt jr .

5) NHL

6) National basketball association


8) PGA

9) MLS

10) PBA