Top Quirkiest Goaltenders in NHL History


NHL goaltenders certainly are a breed apart.

Let’s think about the fundamental job description for just about any goaltender. Stand in front from the six-ft wide by four-ft high internet and stop a little of vulcanized rubber that’s frequently flying for you at speeds of close to 100 miles per hour. With this particular, you will be heartily compensated out, only after you have practiced for uncountable several hours in the speed of zero dollars hourly.

Oh, so when you fail in the job, be confident everyone knows, just like a red-colored-colored light chimes behind you notifying everyone in the structure that you just screwed up.

Getting employment such as this, it is no surprise goaltenders are often quite different.

Here are people that needed different a step further.

Glenn Hall

Glenn Hall holds one record that will not be broken. He carried out 502 consecutive games in internet.

Hall also had one of the quirkiest pregame traditions. Even though some players are satisfied to experience a certain order installed their equipment on or tape their stays in a specific manner, Hall needed things a step further. The goaltender provides before large games, while he known to, &ldquoI felt I carried out better after, I built myself up to peak.”

Erection dysfunction Belfour

Ed Belfour stood a status just like a prickly player. On game days, Belfour wanted only to become left alone, while he was most likely probably the most focused and competitive players to ever set ft by having an NHL ice surface, to the level where he sometimes rested in the trainer’s room instead of going home.

Belfour also didn’t take kindly to failure, on several occasion breaking equipment in the dressing room carrying out a rough outing.

And who is able to ever neglect the time Belfour was arrested and proceeded to own police $1 billion to not take him to jail?

Gilles Gratton

Gilles Gratton is probably best-noted for his tiger mask, a design he mentioned he emerged with while reading through via a National Geographic magazine on the flight. Because the mask was intriguing, notable and some would say intimidating, it had not been as interesting since the guy behind it.

Gratton thought he’d were living past lives, and something time, known to his time just like a The the spanish language language count. Another time, he mentioned he really was a solider through the The the spanish language language Inquisition as well as the abdominal pains he experienced from were due to the fact he’d been destroyed having a lance throughout that exact past existence.

Gratton may also be the spiritual father of Ilya Bryzgalov, while he once rejected to see because the moon was in an unacceptable location.

Jacques Plante

Jacques Plante will be a visionary round the ice. He was the initial NHL goaltender to use a mask regularly.

In the ice, he’d a free time activity that particular may not connect by getting a person playing what many would call the most challenging professional sport. Plante loved knitting, something he learned just like a kid and practiced throughout his NHL career, knitting in the dressing room in the Montreal Canadiens.

Terry Sawchuk

Terry Sawchuk’s title sits in the NHL record book one of the most accomplished netminders to ever play the sport. However, his path to the record books wasn’t one paved with gold.

Terry’s older brother Mitch died because he was 17 and Terry was only 10. Terry then inherited his brother’s pads along with an angry disposition.

Typically, Sawchuk saved to themselves. As his Red-colored-colored Wings roommate Marcel Pronovost would later relate, he’d greet Sawchuk in both French and British, so when Sawchuk clarified, &ldquoI understood we’d talk no less than somewhat tomorrow. However when he didn’t reply, which was most days, we didn’t speak all day long every single day.In .

Sawchuk experienced from with no treatment depression that left him susceptible to mood changes, with most likely the favourite occurrences being because he left round the Boston Bruins after being exchanged for the team through the 1956-57 season.

Sawchuk’s existence would finish tragically, never recouping from injuries he received throughout an offseason fight getting a teammate. He only agreed to be age forty because he died in 1970.

Ilya Bryzgalov

The Philadelphia Flyers’ Ilya Bryzgalov increased to become star (no pun intended) throughout last season’s Cinemax 24/7 special. His speech all over the world was most likely the wedding moments in the multiple episode presentation, as was his undertake his pet husky.

Bryzgalov made an appearance ideal for a quote once your camera was on him. Sadly for his team, his play wasn’t as spectacular or memorable as his interviews. When the season ended, Flyers GM Paul Holmgren offered the following to ESPN, &ldquoHis job is always to stop pucks and let us win games. It is not Comedy Central.&rdquo

We shall discover if his wit or his play is a lot more memorable in 2013.

Ron Hextall

You’ll find exactly two beloved figures in Philadelphia Flyers’ goaltending history. The very first is two-time Stanley Cup champion Bernie Parent, as well as the other is Conn Smythe champion Ron Hextall.

Parent is appreciated to become the most effective netminder in Flyers history and the most effective that the sport has witnessed. Hextall is famous for, according to your opinion of him, being awesome or just plain crazy.

Flyers fans loved to check out Hextall proceed and take ice, among his traditions was the way in which in which he’d use his goal stick with slap the pipes in the goal while he prepared to face the puck. It absolutely was a sight and appear the Flyers fans loved to witness.

Furthermore, you will find the fact Hextall was probably the most &ldquoemotional&rdquo goaltenders to see the sport. He will be a throwback for the Broad Street Bullies days, and also on several occasion, needed matters to their own hands, the marriage incident being his attack on Chris Chelios on May 11, 1989.

That memorable moment will be a response to successful from Chelios that left the Flyers’ John Propp unconscious throughout Game among the Flyers’ playoff series in the Montreal Canadiens.

Patrick Roy

Patrick Roy is probably the best goaltenders to ever strap on some pads and play in the Nhl. Overview of the NHL books will erase question the above mentioned statement is hyperbole. Just like a player, Roy operated on another level.

Just like a superstitious individual, also, he operated by having an entirely different plane. Roy would stare in the web before the sport, imagining it diminishing in size, he’d have conversations along with his goalposts, he’d never let his skate rotor rotor blades touch the red-colored-colored line or blue lines while skating off or around the ice, he’d write what they’re known as of his children on his stays before games which he’d possess a puck from each shutout in the current season in his dressing room stall.

He’d offer good results while undertaking these traditions.

Top quirkiest goaltenders in nhl history1 Top Quirkiest Goaltenders in NHL History

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