Top ten female gymnasts of all time


Ever wondered who the very best female gymnasts are ever? Which makes a couple of us. After consideration and far debate, I’ve an response to that question. Listed here are the very best 10 female gymnasts ever:

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10. Nastia Liukin, USA: I have got Nastia within the 10-place, and i believe this is a fair ranking. She wiped out it within the 2008 Beijing Games. She won the gold within the all-around to accompany three silvers and something bronze. Incidentally, which was probably the most medals won by any gymnast within the 2008 games.

9. Shawn Johnson, USA: Shawn Johnson is my No. 9. I debated relating to this however made the decision I am likely to roll by using it. She helps make the list because she won the gold around the balance beam called the all-around and floor exercise silver medalist. She also acquired a group silver medal. All of this was at the 2008 Beijing Games.

8. Dominique Dawes, USA: Dawes was the very first Black gymnast to win any Olympic gold in gymnastics. She was area of the Magnificent Seven, and she or he is really a four-time Olympic medalist. She won a group gold within the 1996 Atlanta Games along with a bronze within the floor exercise finals.

7. Mary Lou Retton, USA: Mary Lou bounces in at seventh. I needed to place her greater up, however i feel this ranking is fair. Mary Lou acquired a gold medal within the 1984 La Games by winning the all-around title. She also collected a silver within the team competition and also the equine vault along with a bronze within the floor exercise and uneven bars.

6. Nadia Comaneci, Romania: Nadia helps make the list because she was the very first gymnast in Olympic history to record an ideal 10 on her performance around the uneven bars throughout the 1976 Montreal Games. She repeated an ideal 10 an incredible six more occasions. She also acquired a gold medal within the all-around competition.

5. Shannon Miller, USA: Shannon Miller cracks the very best five because all she did was win a lot of medals. She won two golds within the 1996 Atlanta Games to accompany her three silver medals and her three bronze medals within the 1992 Barcelona Games. And she or he is another person in the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame.

4. Olga Korbut, USSR: Olga Korbut was virtually the primary attraction in the 1972 Munich Games. She tallied up three gold medals within the ’72 games and something silver. She seemed to be the very first gymnast to carry out a back switch become popular the uneven bars. The move is called the Korbut Switch.

3. Svetlana Boginskaya, USSR/Belarus: Anybody who’s referred to as Goddess of Gymnastics needs to be about this list. Svetlana tallied up some serious hardware throughout the 1988 Seoul Games.

Boginskaya was noted for her height, her elegant lines, and her artistic originality throughout the ground exercise. She is another two-time gold medal champion along with a four-time Olympic medalist.

2. Svetlana Khorkina, Russia: If winning seven Olympic medals is not enough to vault you in to the No. 2 place, I’m not sure what’s. Svetlana is really a seven-time Olympic medalist. She won gold within the 1996 Atlanta Games and also the 2000 Sydney Games on her performance around the uneven bars. And obtain this, she also offers eight abilities named after her within the Code of Points. Wow!

1. Larissa Latynina, USSR: All I’m able to say here’s 18. Larissa Latynina is definitely an 18-time Olympic medalist who held the Olympic record for medals until Michael Phelps arrived. She won 18 of individuals bad boys from 1956-1964. Discuss dominance. From her 18 medals, nine are gold, five are silver, and 4 are bronze. I dare another person to develop a much better No. 1. She’s totally worthy of the very best place.

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