Usain Bolt 100 Meter World Champions Winner


Arranging for that Olympic 100-meter final, Usain Bolt ended his signature prerace preening by lifting a finger to his lips.

He is probably not fantastic. Clearly, he’s to to be the best.

Tugging from the pack with every lengthy stride, Bolt increased after his typical lumbering break in the blocks and overcome a star-studded area to win in 9.63 seconds Sunday evening, the 2nd-quickest 100 ever as well as an Olympic record that allow him join Carl Lewis because the only males with consecutive gold medals within the Summer time Games’ marquee track event.

“Means a great deal, because many people were questioning me. Many people were saying I wasn’t likely to win, I did not look great. There is lots of talk,” Bolt stated. “It’s a much greater feeling to be released here and defend my title and display to the world I am still No. 1.”

Only sixth-quickest from the eight runners towards the midway mark, Bolt was his brilliant self lower the stretch, his latest scintillating performance on his sport’s greatest stage. At Beijing 4 years ago, the 6-feet-5 Bolt apparently reinvented sprints and electrified track and area, winning gold medals in world-record occasions within the 100, 200 and 4×100 relay – something no guy had ever done in an Olympic games.

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