Who is the sexiest wrestling women


For the women from professional wrestling, whoever else got left? Several grown males beating the snot from one another&mdashand frankly, it ain’t awesome.

I’d like sexy. I’d like the sultry, sexy, red-colored-colored-colored-colored-hot, stifling smokebombs that are female wrestlers fighting and beating the snot from each other, too. Every time they visit permanently television, no?

Which are these women? What are most used female wrestlers active today? Could it be considered a WWE Diva? A TNA Knockout? Or simply a a lot more compact independent organization north inside the border?

10. Velvet Sky

Velvet Sky. Just what an excellent title. Just what an excellent lady to carry that title around like it is a trophy.

She’s not just the question the reality is on tv. Clearly, that’s the most famous part, and he or she remains tenth sexiest female wrestler today. That states something.

9. Christy Hemme

Christy Hemme could fight for pretty much any promotion running a U-Haul truck which i’d still watch it. Not only would I watch it however might be while using the key row of whatever truck steer clear of the show remains shot by now.

Her beauty works well enough to captivate numerous males around the globe. Oh, and he or she posed for Playboy, if anybody is interested.

8. Cherry Blast

Almost everybody doesn’t have clue who this really is frequently or where she fights. I’d little idea before a pal sent me an e-mail saying to check out GCW, Great Canadian Wrestling, and Shimmer.

I adopted his links and discovered this smokeshow. Cherry Bomb is not just a great title, it is a great teaser for pretty much any gorgeous female. She teases us when using the title. Very number of women can do that.

7. Rosita

I’d little idea inside the talent that resides inside the TNA. Before I began these studies I figured the WWE would easily dominate their list, but it is the TNA that’s filling the webpages with glimmering gems.

Rosita is not available on the market extended, but which has not stopped her from climbing for that peak. It won’t be extended before we come across Rosita move nearer to the height within the list.

6. Traci Brooks

Once again, it’s TNA rather than WWE getting a absurd hottie inside my top, Traci Brooks.

Where did these women be a consequence of? Because the merger between WCW, ECW, and WWE, it seems that lots of the attractive women in wrestling moved onto TNA.

Regardless of primary reason, TNA truly can get most likely probably the most gifted pool of hotties.

5. Brooke Tessmacher

I must look like a broken record, but Brooke Tessmacher could be a more hottie from TNA.

It ‘s time will have a way to begin watching TNA. Who’s with me at night throughout the evening?

4. Madison Rayne

I did not request every one of these women from TNA to remain in the most effective 10. Once I was ranking them, I did not think about the promotion, only the lady.

However this makes six women from TNA inside the top to date. Really? This isn’t even fair.

3. Maria Kanellis

It might be fairly simple to miss our planet near to you when scrolling web running across women like Maria Kanellis.

She’s unique on earth full of among a kinds. If possibly I’m able to have the chance to profess my great wish to have Maria. That might be fair, right?

2. Kimberly

What’s inside the wrestling company recognized to as WXW, World Xtreme Wrestling?

For individuals who’ve than you are a great deal smarter than you thought, since i have have have surely haven’t discovered it. I didn’t know who Kimberly was until someone known to to perform a Search of her.

She left me acquiring a WOW along with a grin.

1. Kelly Kelly

Of all the female wrestlers in several the lands, Kelly Kelly might be the most famous. This can be frequently an undeniable fact.

Handful of other lady relevant with this list begins to judge when using the sexual advantage of Kelly Kelly. She stands atop a warm group of hotties and accomplishes this when using the finest of ease.

Perfect now, I am astounded by her amazing beauty.

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