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USA Team Handball introduced today picking a the next people to guide women’s U19 (gamers born in 1993 and more youthful) and men’s U20 (gamers born in 1992 and more youthful) teams for approaching 2012 IHF Trophy Tournament (North Region) in Mexico City, Mexico, November 6 to 11, 2012:
Women’s Lead Coach &ndash Julio Sainz, CA
Women’s Assistant Coach &ndash Robert Michalik, NJ
Mind of Delegation (Women) &ndash Malgorzata Gunka, IL
Men’s Lead Coach &ndash Mika Maunula, CA
Men’s Assistant Coach &ndash Attila Agoston, CO
Mind of Delegation (Males) &ndash Michael Hinson, CA
All selected coaches hold or may have current USATH Level one or two training certifications just before teams’ scheduled departure.
Players’ selection has already been arrived and will also be introduced shortly. USATH lead and assistant coaches works with local/regional team/club coaches to verify that interested gamers, who posted their programs but set deadline (25 women and 44 boys), receive fair possibility of making the teams.

Womens team handball american   Womens team handball american

Below may be the qualification process that might be used according to current rules. The Pan American Team Handball Federation, however, made the decision to exchange this method having a single men’s championship with 12 teams. It is a puzzle if the Women will adopt exactly the same process
first Division Titles (November- December, 2012, Location: TBD)
The very best two teams out of this championship entitled to the Pan American Titles.
Potential participants: Mexico, Venezuela, USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Colombia, Panama And Nicaragua ,, El Salvador, Guatemala, Greenland
Pan American Titles (Summer time, 2013, Location: TBD)
Participants: South america, Argentina, Cuba, Uruguay, Chile, Dominican Republic and also the top 2 teams in the first Division Championship.