Worlds biggest handball stadium


The Men’s EHF Champions League goes via a reform for that 2009/10 season. The stakeholders from the competition &ndash clubs, media and advertising partners, EHF and EHF Marketing &ndash happen to be working carefully together throughout the final seasons to help keep your competition on the road to fast development. Using the obvious intention to accept EHF Men’s Champions League one stage further, the manager Committee from the EHF has approved the use of an modified playing system on 29 March 2009. This new format involves reducing the amount of teams in the current 32 to 24 having a Last 16 round, Quarterfinal phase along with a Final Four weekend to summarize the Men’s CL season.Following several weeks of careful discussions with possible venues, EHF Marketing is proud to announce that Lanxess Arena will stage this year’sOr10 Final Four. The big event in Perfume, Germany, scheduled to occur on 29-30 May 2010 promises an unparalleled highlight closing the approaching CL season. The Lanxess Whole world of Perfume is really a sanctuary of handball. The venue from the 2007 World Championship Final is really a stadium having a convenience of almost 20,000 handball fans. Certainly: this is an ideal setting for any premiere event within the good reputation for the very best club competition of handball. Additionally towards the biggest handball arena in Europe, the position of the million-resident metropolis within the physical center of Europe, the superb integration through the worldwide transportation network, too for their very cosmopolitan and inspiring manner characterised by its people, the town of Perfume was the perfect venue for that Final Four.
EHF Leader Tor Lian talks concerning the agreement with optimism: The EHF is searching toward a high level event in Perfume. The 2007 World Championship Final, the lately performed EHF Cup Final and lots of other large games have demonstrated the venue includes a perfect set-up for the greatest handball occasions.&rdquo Ralf Bernd Assenmacher, Chairman from the Board from the Arena Management GmbH. The LANXESS arena is proud to provide the biggest and many important handball event around the world. We’re pleased, being an expert host, to welcome the 4 best handball teams in Europe as well as their fans to Perfume this year. Handball includes a lengthy and incredibly effective tradition within the LANXESS arena and additionally to be the venue for that 2009/10 EHF Champions League Final Four, a complete highlight is anticipated. We’re searching toward honoring an excellent festival of handball along with the fans&rdquo

Worlds biggest handball stadium   Worlds biggest handball stadium

Fritz Schramma, The almighty Mayor of Perfume The Town of Perfume is proud the EHF find the LANXESS arena because the venue for that 2009/10 EHF Champions League Final Four. Once more, we’ve been successful in getting a very attractive, audience appealing and worldwide high carat sports event to Perfume&rdquo

TICKETS Continue Purchase IN SEPTEMBER 2009
The tickets for that EHF Champions League Final Four goes on purchase at the outset of September 2009. Information towards the Final Four in Perfume is going to be released inside the framework from the press conference within the LANXESS arena in September.

The registration process for that 2009/10 EHF CL months are in the final phase. Inside a next thing the EHF and EHF Marketing will elaborate all particulars on the technical level concerning the Final Four.

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