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2012 will turn to be considered a massive year for WWE no matter how WrestleMania 28 works out. The big event alone sets the benchmark for &lsquohistoric’ matches within the organization. On one for reds you will find the Rock creating a monumental comeback to manage-0ff from the greatest celebrity of the present generation, John Cena. But however, there is a strong possibility the Rock’s equal counterpart, Stone Cold Steve Austin, may lace-up his boots for just one final round of ass-whoopin in Miami, Fl. If you wish to know why I believe Stone Cold may have Yet Another Match, gimme’ a Hell Yeah! Or&hellipyou could just find out more following the jump.It’s basically confirmed the Undertaker has silently, and unofficially, upon the market. There is a huge possibility the Deadman may have his final match the coming year in the Grandest Stage Of All Of Them, and happily enter the sunset having a 20- blazing above him. Plus there is The Rock versus John Cena, perhaps the greatest match because the Rock versus Hulk Hogan. It’s Icon versus Icon. It is the stuff stories are constructed with. Regardless of how the match works out, it is the &lsquoimage’ of WrestleMania for many years. With all of these historic matches happening and Attitude Era celebrities coming back for just one final go-round within the ring, it is extremely entirely possible that WWE and Stone Cold might be focusing on an offer to achieve the Texas Rattlesnake &lsquowhoop someone’s ass backwards’ the coming year.Hulk Hogan challenged Austin a week ago online, proclaiming that he observed Austin gearing-up for something large soon. And it is true. While I am almost certain Austin won’t ever wish to finish his career with Hulk Hogan, the Texas Redneck has certainly been different recently.

He was participating in WWE programming because of Tough Enough, he’s showing a number of that &ldquoroughneck&rdquo attitude that people haven’t seen for some time now, so when he located Raw a few days ago because the Special Guest GM, he literally possessed the area and &lsquotoughened-up’ around the celebrities. Add list the truth that Austin is within terrific shape, I’d say someone’s really, really hellbent on kicking someone’s backside the coming year. It can be the truth that The Rock has returned for additional, or possibly it is simply Austin itchiness to believe that adrenaline again. In either case, it is good news for that fans!Stone Cold Steve Austin versus The Undertaker WrestleMania 28Now before anybody begins a debate on why he can’t create a comeback at Summerslam or create a lengthy-term comeback, allows be truthful with ourselves. Austin has accomplished everything he’d set to achieve in the industry. There’s just no competition for him any longer. There is no reason behind him to get out there and beat on kids half his age to prove a place. That does not lead him to Austin, it just makes him a bully. It is also why men such as the Undertaker feud against celebrities concentrating on the same resumes or experience. Therefore if Stone Cold ended up being to get one more match, it ought to be against somebody who has either gained their status in the organization OR someone from Austin’s era. This leads me to think the Undertaker might have his final match against Stone Cold Steve Austin the coming year.It is a much-fetched idea and something that could never happen, but when you consider the build-as much as the wedding and thinking about this might be the ultimate fight for Austin and Taker, it just is sensible to reserve something the size of this. It certainly beats as being a Special Referee for any match as absurd as Jerry Lawler versus Michael Cole, or perhaps a lousy Hair versus Hair match between two megalomaniacs, or being released to provide a Stunner to harmless comics like Santino. If Stone Cold decides to strap around the boots and set around the vest, it’s to become to have an epic reason, and that i are only able to think about three situations.

Either he battles Randy Orton and mirrors the concentration of The Rock versus John Cena, or he battles Centimetres Punk inside a &lsquodream match’ situation, or he assumes somebody that he’s built a status with for a long time : The Undertaker. Obviously, he might take on men like Triple H and Chris Jericho however i aren’t seeing that actually happening. When not the three situations above, I’d prefer not to see Austin return. It’s bad enough he has already established a few of the stupidest contests with men like Goldust and also the Coach on lackluster PPVs such as the now-defunct Cyber Sunday, but making them possess a match against someone like Came McIntyre or Sheamus (not too they are bad, they are simply not prepared to headline yet) is only going to botch the whole scenario.Personally I’d like to see Stone Cold go face to face together with his arch-enemy, The Undertaker. It’s reliable advice that there’s not a way The Streak will finish at this time, so Austin will most likely finish up losing this fight. There’s simply no shame in losing to a person such as the legendary Undertaker, not to mention at WrestleMania inside a match which are more coveted winning-streak in sports entertainment. It will be a match of epic proportions, one that’ll most likely be more than The Rock versus John Cena when it comes to in-ring performance.Ultimately though, it’s all regulated as much as Austin and when he feels the drive to obtain into the ring. Whether it’s there, great. When not, so whether it is. Whether it genuinely does happen, then WrestleMania 28 will potentially function as the finest WrestleMania ever.

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