Youth MTB: Mountain Bike Races in Strong Stand


Outdoors of Granby, Snow Mountain Ranch sits inside the Fraser River Valley with Devils Thumb Ranch perched for the east. It’s a peaceful setting on any normal day, but on Sept. 23, secondary school mountain bikers needed for the 5.2-mile course that runs through groves of aspen, grassy meadows, over wooden bridges and through a creek.

Summit High School’s Division One team (12 riders) developed a solid Week 2 showing, with strong results across four groups.

Sophomore women Taeler McCrerey and Claire Vandeyacht finished third and 4th, with McCrerey while using win as well as the leader’s jersey for your second week back to back in their age class. Vandeyacht introduced through many of the race, but must be pleased with runner-up after her ft showed up in this area of her shoe through the race. Summit’s Christa Gutzel finished sixth inside the section of 15.

Henry Trowbridge plowed while watching 48-member sophomore boys’ division for his second win back to back and to defend his leader’s jersey. Derek Hill finished in the heart of the region in 23rd place.

The freshmen boys taken part just like a tight-knit team within shouting distance of each other. Logan Ramsay finished 17th, Connor Hintgen finished 20th and Wyatt LaFrankie placed 22nd from 44 racers.

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